Three Essential Truths about Humidifiers

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Winter is creeping up on us, and as the air turns cold and dry our phones start ringing with questions about humidifiers: Which is best? How often do I have to clean it?  And, my personal favorite, “Does it use water?”  Seriously, we get that one all the time.

Regardless of any questions you might have (and please do call us for answers), here are the Three Essential Truths about Humidifiers:

1. You need one

Unless you live in Florida or the south of France, you need a humidifier during the winter months.   And those of us on the east coast and in the southwest and midwest need it the most. In these areas humidity can drop well below 20%.  That lack of moisture will do two things:  dry out your furniture and floors making the joints crack and creak, and dry out your sinuses making you more susceptible to infection by colds and flu.

2. You need one now, not in February
Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you’re suffering to start using your humidifier.  Shortly after Halloween, your furniture and floors are going to start to dry up.  The drop in humidity makes the air in your home act like a sponge, wicking away all the moisture from the furniture and floors.  Once this moisture is gone, it takes quite a while to build the humidity level back up and keep it constant.  If you start now before everything (including you) dries out, you can keep the humidity level even and you won’t have to play catch up for a week or longer when you need it most.

3. All humidifiers need maintenance.
This disappoints a lot of people. There is no such thing as a “maintenance free” humidifier.  They all need regular cleaning, disinfecting and replacement of some form of filter, box, chemical, etc.  It’s true that some are much easier to maintain than others, but all of them operate by emitting moisture from a dark, warm environment, and that means they need to be cleaned.  Proper maintenance usually requires only a few minutes a day and will keep the device sanitized and operating properly for years.

We offer a full line of high-quality, high-performance humidifiers for virtually any home or small office need.  If you need help choosing one, just call us toll-free at 888.205.3228.

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