Killing Germs and Allergens with Ultraviolet Light

A new class of vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers using germicidal UV-C ultraviolet light is making homes cleaner and more healthful, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Veriliux Sanitizing Sweeper Veriliux Sanitizing Wand Veriliux Sanitizing Travel Wand

UV-C germicidal ultraviolet light has been used to safely sanitize hospitals and disinfect drinking water for over 60 years. It kills molds, dust mites, germs, viruses and bacterial by destroying the DNA in their cells. It works quickly, too, typically with as little as one second of exposure.

Products like the Raycop hand vac use UV-C light to to quickly and easily kill mold, spores, bacteria, viruses, dust mites and more while they clean and sweep. The Raycop hand vac even has a vibrating bar that loosens dirt and allergens while cleaning mattresses, upholstered furniture and other soft surfaces.

Verilux sanitizing wands provide the same UV-C germicidal benefits for hard surfaces around your home. There’s a compact travel-size wand, as well as a larger size for around the home.

UV-C also is used in germicidal air purifiers, like the AllerAir 5000 series. Since vacuums and wands for surfaces only clean what has settled, adding an air purifier with germicidal UV-C technology should be considered, especially if you’re concerned about airborne mold spores.

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