Is My Vacuum Worth Repairing?

Vacuum Cleaner RepairIt is never a fun situation. You got a huge mess to clean up and you pull your vacuum cleaner out of the closet… and it doesn’t work. Anytime a household appliance goes down it throws you for a loop, how do I fix it? Is it worth to repair? Will I be throwing good money after bad? We see broken vacuums brought into our shop every day and throughout the years we have a few tips to share with you to help you decide if it is worth it to fix your broken vacuum.

Do You Love Your Vacuum?

The first question you have to ask yourself is: was there ever a good time with your vacuum?

Did you ever brag to your friends about how easy it was to use or recommend it to your family members? If the answer is yes, then you obviously have a tool that works well and is right for you. Putting money, time and effort into a repair is worth it to fix a vacuum that makes you love cleaning.

Some people just never hit it off with their vacuum. Maybe it didn’t have the right tools, maybe it is too was heavy. Sometimes you need an excuse to get a fresh start and take that broken vacuum to the curb.

Half of What You Paid for It

Depending on quality, age and wear we normally suggest repairs cost amount to about half of what you paid for the vacuum. Lifespans of vacuums vary widely. For example we normally say a Miele should last about 20 years, a Dyson about 10 while some newer bagless models may last only 3 to 4 years.

While every repair is different we find this a useful guideline to follow when even to start thinking about vacuum repair.

It’s Probably Fixable

All problems aren’t created equal. The biggest compliant we get here is the vacuum isn’t picking up. We first suggest trying some of these tips at home (even if you don’t have a Miele or Dyson vacuum the same guidelines can be followed). If you have no luck fixing it yourself, a clog or an obstruction is something a trained technician can handle.

If your vacuum cleaner isn’t turning on then it is most likely an electrical problem. Normally this requires the replacement of the powercord. New cords are pretty cheap but do require a trained technician to safely install and test them.

If your brushhead isn’t spinning then you got yourself a belt problem. Vacuum belts are comparably inexpensive and can range from about two bucks up to 15, still cheaper than a new vacuum.

Sometimes the machine you’ve been using for years needs a spa day. A full disassembly and cleaning, and a filter replacement or cleaning can do wonders. Debris stacks up inside all vacuums and flushing it out can create better suction, better pick up and a longer life span.

It’s Probably Not

Residential vacuums and liquids are not friends. If moisture has been picked up you will probably want to chuck the machine. Replacement of certain items like motors and circuit boards will be expensive and hidden problems could manifest down the line.

If your suction motor is VERY loud then he is probably at the end of his life. Suction motors are normally the most expensive part of a vacuum. Also, other wear may need to be replaced and cost can get out of hand. A major overhaul may be worth it on high-end vacuums but for the most part we encourage customers to purchase a new machine.

If you picked up something gross (animal waste, bed bugs, lead) a technician probably doesn’t want to work on it. Like water damage the replacement item cost is going to be very high and may not fully clean the vacuum. Trace amounts of these lead and dangerous material can be harmful later on. So think before you vacuum, don’t pick up anything gross.

So, Is MY Vacuum Worth the Repair?

After doing over 100,000 repair jobs, we can safely say they’re all different like snowflakes. It is important to weigh all factors (did you like the machine? Is a repair in budget? Is a replacement in budget? Do we just need to take our old friend out to pasture?) before making a choice.

To help customers with the decision we break down repairs to an itemized list and group parts into two sections A “Required” section (these things are needed to get you vacuum working again) and a “Recommended” section (these items should be replaced for better performance longevity)

A vacuum you loved may be worth a few extras dollars to repair. As for a vacuum you hated? Talk to us and we can find you something you’ll love.

Alright, I Want to Fix My Vacuum

Best Vacuum offers the convenience of online shopping with the friendly customer service of a local repair guy. Check out our national repair service program. Shipping is free, labor is guaranteed and there is no obligation, pay only if your vacuum is repaired.

5 Responses

  1. My lectrolux vacuum cord short circuited out, how much would that cost to repair?

    • Megan K says:

      Hi Rue,

      The cost is all going to depend on parts availability and age of the vacuum. If it’s an older model, certain Electrolux shops won’t be able to repair it, and vice versa for newer Electrolux models. Electrolux technicians are the best people to ask about something like that.

  2. shean Lee says:

    useful article about vacuum repair.thanks.
    ll you tell me how about the repairing cost..?

  3. Maggie Allen says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! It is really nice seeing such a comprehensive guide on whether it is worth it or not to repair the vacuum. When I read your first point about loving the vacuum, I realized that I am that person who likes to brag to friends and family. The machine I have worked so well before it broke down after a few years of faithful service. Since it was so great, I’m definitely going to start looking for a place that can repair it. Hopefully there’s only a problem with the belt or filter.

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