Save 15% Off Venta Airwasher Humifidiers During our Fall Comfort Sale

VentaBreathe in comfort this fall with one our great Venta-Airwasher humidifiers and air washers. Do it now and save 15% off our already low prices!

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No White Dust with Venta’s Cold Evaporation System

Venta-Airwasher’s cold evaporation system, cleans the air as it humidifies. Dust and other particles drawn in with the dry air drop to the bottom of the water tank. Since dust and other particles are trapped at the bottom of the tank Ventas do not release any white dust keeping your room nice and clean.

Maintaining a Venta-Airwasher couldn’t be easier. Ventas do not require changing any pads, filters, mineral cartridges or wicks. Simply add Venta Water Additive every 10-14 days to remove minerals and trap dust and dirt from the air. Then run the machine with Venta Cleaner every 3 months and wipe away the particles left over after cleaning.

This Offer Ends Soon, So Order Now

This is a limited-time offer. You must place your order before November 10, 2014, using Promo Code HUM862 to get your 15% discount. So don’t delay! Order today!

Please Note: Offer limited to in-stock items.

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