Stylish Verilux Sanitizing Wand Always Ready

The new Verliux VH11 CleanWave UV-C Sanitizing Wand is a sleek, attractive sanitizer that sits attractively on your counter in a base that doubles as a recharger to ensure your sanitizer is always ready when you need it.

Like all Verilux sanitizing products, the new wand kills germs that are the common cause of colds, infections, asthma and allergic reactions.  It works on any hard surfaces without damaging it, providing hypoallergenic, chemical-free disinfection with no harmful residue.

There are three cleaning cycles: 5-minutes, 30-minutes or-60 minutes, each with automatic shut-off.  If the wand is accidentally turned “light up,” it shuts off automatically.

The 22″-long wand weighs just 1.2 lbs, and its stand is just 4″ wide, making it small enough to fit just about anywhere.

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