Verilux Expands Line with Small Item Sanitizer

UV-C sanitizing wands are great for killing germs and mold on large, flat surfaces.  The same cleaning and disinfecting power now are available for small, personal items in a new table-top sanitizer from Verilux.

At just 5″ x 7″, the Verilux UV-C Small Item Sanitizer takes up very little space on a table, counter or vanity top counter top sanitizer, making it very convenient to sterilize small, daily use items, from jewelry to baby pacifiers to dentures.

Like Verilux’s other UV-C sanitizing products, the Small Item Sanitizer will not harm the items being sterilized.  UV-C destroys 99% of germs, viruses, bacteria and mold from surfaces without the use of chemicals or other harmful cleaning agents.

The Verilux UV-C Small Item Sanitizer is easy to use.  Two timed sanitizing cycles use a built-in timer to ensure safe use, with an LCD indicator telling you when the cycle is complete.  If you open the sanitizer before the cycle is over, a safety switch automatically turns it off.

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