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Blueair 650E HEPASilent Air Purifier with Particle Filter


This Blueair purifier is the same as the 603, but features electronic controls!


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Product Description

The Blueair 650E cleans more air, more efficiently. In rooms as large as 698 square feet, the patented two-stage HEPASilent technology captures 99.97% of 0.1 micron particles, including allergy-provoking pollen grains, dust mites, mold spores and pet dander particles.

The Blueair HEPASilent systems are for people living with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, or for anyone who wants cleaner, more breathable air. Advances in fan and filter design have dramatically improved efficiency, giving the Blueair 650E even better Clean Air Delivery Rates than previous Blueair air purifiers.

Value-added features include quiet operation, low energy use, steel construction and easy maintenance: simply open the unit's lid, lift out used filters and drop in the Replacement Kit every six months.

Easy-to-use Remote and Digital Display

The Blueair 650E air purifier includes an easy-to-use remote and a happy/sad face that tells the air quality and smell conditions in the room. Other functions include a timer and speed setting that can be used with the remote up to a few feet away.

Superior Quality

The Blueair 650E is designed, engineered and built for people who expect the very best and don't want to compromise on health, design or function. The Blueair HEPASilent system housing is made of galvanized steel, rather than less durable plastic. The fan and blower are manufactured by EBM, a maker of telecom and medical equipment.

Cleans Air Quietly

Sophisticated materials and precision engineering allow Blueair to clean indoor air without the noise associated with less advanced units. On the lowest setting, the units emit no more sound than a desktop computer. To achieve exceptionally quiet operation, Blueair's patented HEPASilent filter technology traps particles two ways: with mechanical and electrostatic filters. This combination creates a filter system through which air flows freely. Most air cleaners require a powerful, noisy fan to pull air through densely packed filters. Since air passes easily through Blueair filter media, the fan doesn't have to work as hard or as loud. Even the housing is designed with quiet operation in mind, replacing sound-sonant plastic with noise-muffling steel.



Instead of discharging a windy stream of filtered air, the Blueair 650E diffuses air gently through an area six times greater than the average air cleaner. Operating on its lowest setting, Blueair produces virtually no noticeable draft, while still providing an exceptional air exchange rate. Blueair's SurroundAir system achieves peak performance without annoying drafts by drawing in dirty air from the sides and bottom, moving it through a less dense filter media, and releasing clean, filtered air from the sides and top.

Energy Efficient

Blueair's low power usage means you can run the system 24/7 without a jump in electricity consumption. In fact, it costs about the same to clean the air in your home as it does to power a single light bulb: only 35 watts on low to 120 watts on high.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Plug it in, select the speed setting, and forget it. The Blueair HEPASilent systems work so quietly, at first you may find yourself wondering if they're turned on. Just check the bright blue power on light. Blueair filters require no weekly additives or filter washing. The grills and powder-coated steel exterior are easy to wipe clean, and won't pick up grime and oily stains the way plastics can. When the filter needs to be replaced (every six months), just open the lid, lift out the old filters and drop the new ones in. No screws, hooks or tools and less than one minute of your time are required. Used filters are 100% recyclable, and release no toxins into landfills or the air.

Product Reviews (2)

My Follow Up - Greg

I promised a follow up..and here it is. The Blue Air continues to run flawlessly, doing its job, and certainly cleaning the air. Every two weeks or so when I vacuum the sides there is some fuzz/dirt/cat hair around the air intake vents on all four sides and the bottom. The bigger stuff will stick to the outside, not entering the machine. The filters show a great deal of dirt collected. Blue Air recommends changing the filters every 6 months, and I believe that when I get there it will certainly be time.

The unit has been running since the day I wrote my first review. Not one negative issue that I can see.

A lot of other air purifiers out there put several layers of filters in their units. Blue air only has one. And yet looking at the CADR ratings, The Blue Air is still on top! The numbers speak for themselves. Blue Air has designed a filter system that really works very well.

I still highly recommend it. Since Best Vacuum gives you a 30 day return period, you really cannot lose. I trust Best Vacuum, and know they will take care of you. All my experiences with them has been GREAT!

Greg (Posted on 10/31/13)

Initial Observations - Greg

First, I would like to give a shout out for the folks at "Best Vacuum." I was having difficulty finding the Blueair 650E, and after trying to buy one at Best Vacuum, they called me and set things up so I could order one from their website. They delivered it overnight FedEx for free...a rare deal now a days! They were very good people to work with; they sell all accessories as well, so they have me as a new customer. (I do NOT work for Best Vacuum or have any relationship with them except business.)

So, my initial impressions having this unit a little over a week. I will come back later and update the review. But for now, this is what I know:


(1) I sent three separate emails to Blueair; Two before I bought, and one after. None have been answered. This was always a deal breaker for me...I would not buy from anyone who would not respond to potential customers. However, after reading all the specs for this unit, many, many reviews both professional and from customers, and speaking with tech support on the phone, I broke my own rule and purchased it from Best Vacuum.

(2) Other than that, I am stunned by how they designed the back lit control panel on the 650E, which is used to report dust and particle numbers, use the timer, and check how many filter days are left. It also tells you the fan speed. First, they put this control panel all the way to the bottom left in front. You literally have to bend over all the way to see the panel. Even thought the panel is back-lit, the back light turns off shortly after its last use. So, at least when the back light was on, you might be able to stand back a few feet and read the panel standing up. But not for long...the back light turns off, and I need a flashlight and must bend all the way over to read it. I don't know what they were thinking. They say that the back light does not stay on as some people do not like the light at night; what would be wrong with an off and on switch so the user can decide?


(1) The CADR numbers for this unit are unparalleled in home market air purifiers: >400, >450, AND >450. Wow! These numbers come after being tested and certified buy AHAM..the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. This was the primary reason I considered this model. These are the highest numbers that can be given, and I believe that only Blueair holds this distinction.

(2) Speed 1 is very quiet, and could be used at night. Speed two, the recommended day setting, is slightly louder; it can be heard but its not very annoying. Speed 3, the highest, does make noise. I just think of it as the sound of cleaner air being generated. There is also an automatic mode. The unit runs on speed 1 until it detects dust or smells in the house, then kicks itself up to #2 or #3, depending on the strength of the offending agent. It works so well that I can sit ten feet away from it and put waterless, gel type hand cleaner on and it will almost instantly pick up the odor and crank itself up.

(3) Its made of metal and comes with a remote control. The remote has a magnet in it, and you can stick it on the top or sides of the Blueair should you want.

(4) The unit is on heavy duty castors and moves around on my carpet with no problems.

(5) And finally, although the jury is NOT in yet on this, but it seems that it may very well do a great job at dust removal. We have two, top of the line Rabbit Air purifiers in our home, and have had them for about 2 years. No doubt they have helped, but we have a very unusual amount of dust in our home. Over the last 4-5 days, it seems that it really is making a dent in cooperation with the Rabbits. Again, its to early to tell for sure, but I will update this when I have an Answer. I have spent a lot of time testing it myself at home and putting it thru different tests; I'm not crazy, but after spending over $900.00 dollars, I must be pretty much convinced that it is making a MAJOR improvement for us.

Best Vacuum gives a 30 day, no questions asked return policy. They will pay for return shipping, and even have FedEx pick the box up at your home. Amazon has a direct link to Best Vacuum you can find after searching for "Blueair 650E" on their website. Best Vacuum will be one of the authorized sellers.

For now, we are very happy, but need much longer to judge its effectiveness. I will be back to update this review.

Thanks for reading. Hope it helped.

Greg (Posted on 7/29/13)

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Product Specification

Room Size 698 sq. ft. (65 m²)
Smoke - Clean Air Delivery Rate >450 (>765 m³/h)
Dust - Clean Air Delivery Rate >400 (>680 m³/h)
Pollen - Clean Air Delivery rate >450 (>765 m³/h)
Air Changes per hour (ACH) 5 (698 sq.ft. room) 5 (65 m² room)
Airflow 90–490 cfm 150–830 m³/h
Size (HxWxD) 26 x 20 x 13 in. 660 x 500 x 340 mm
Product Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
Energy Consumption (watts) 35 to 120
Noise Level dB(A) 32–66
Electronic sensor with remote Yes
Filter replacement indicator Yes
On/Off Timer Yes
Speed control options Auto-1-2-3
Casters Yes
Air Outlet SurroundAir™ Top & Sides
Air Inlet Bottom & Sides
Warranty All Blueair purifiers come with a 1-year limited warranty. You can get a free upgrade to a 5-year limited warranty by mailing in the warranty card that comes with your unit, or through the Blueair website.