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Electrolux HEPA Filters

Electrolux replacement HEPA filters should be replaced every 6-12 months depending on usage. Customize the filtration you want with a wide array of options from Electrolux.

Electrolux HEPA filters will filter particles out of the air at .3 microns 99.97% of the time. Changing them is easy as can be. Simply take out the existing HEPA filter cartridge out of your vacuum and replace it with the new one. Now you’re protecting your home from harmful allergens and particles.

Are unwanted odors coming from your vacuum? Do you smell your pet every time you vacuum? Electrolux has you covered. Use the Anti-Odor Pet Filter to deodorize your air. The charcoal packed into this filter absorbs odors, gases and other harmful VOCs.

To cut down on filter replacement costs try the H12 or H13 washable Electrolux HEPA filters. Once every three months, wash your Electrolux vacuum filters thoroughly with tap water. Let dry for at least 24 hours, place back into your vacuum and you’re ready to clean again.

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