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Electrolux Vacuum Bags


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Genuine Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags fit most late model Electrolux canister vacuums. With a handful of filtration and size options Electrolux S-Bags have superior filtration and construction.

The Electrolux S-Bag Classic (EL200F) 5-Pack gives you sturdy design and standard filtration. Trap 90% of all dust and debris before it reaches your motor or filters with the classic bag. A unique enclosure will keep the bag sealed while you dispose of it.

Need extra filtration? Upgrade to the Electrolux S-Bag H10 Anti-Allergy Bag (EL202F). This package of 4 bags increases your overall filtration with a 3-layer cloth bag. This bag will trap 99% of dust and allergens before air is exhausted back into your home.

For animal owners stop unpleasant odors while collecting all that pet hair with the Electrolux S-Bag Pet & Anti-Allergy (EL203C) 3 pack. This cloth bag not only traps hair and irritating allergens but will deodorize all air that passes through it.

The Electrolux S-Bag Ultra Long Performance (EL211) 3 pack increases your vacuums capacity with a large synthetic bag to trap even more dirt and debris. A specialty enclosure seals these Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags, keeping dust securely inside the bag while changing it.

All genuine Electrolux S-Bags come with a motor protection filter. Not sure which bag to go with? Call an Electrolux Expert at 888-203-3228.

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