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IQ Air Dental Hg Flex


Specialized air cleaning systems for dental offices.

This item is currently backordered from the manufacturer.

Product Details
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Product Description

Specialized air cleaning systems for dental offices.

Features & Benefits


  • Drill aerosol control
  • Microorganism control
  • Mercury vapor
  • Disinfectant control

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Customized Pollution Control for Dental Offices

iq air air purifier cleaner The IQAir Dental air purifier series consists of two air cleaners. The IQAir Dental Hg FlexVac is a mobile air purifier system with a flexible suction arm. It is designed to capture drill aerosols, abrasion powder and mercury vapors during dental procedures. The pollutants are captured by a flexible suction duct before they can spread to other areas in the room.

The IQAir Dental Pro is a dental room air cleaning system. It is designed to be placed anywhere in a dental office and clean the air by constant recirculation within the room.

Both systems are based on the IQAir GC design and contain filter cartridges, which optimize them for the pollutants found in dental offices. The neutral white and light grey design integrate perfectly in all dental offices.


 Pollutant Control for

 Air Cleaning Mechanism

 Dental Pro

 volatile organic compounds
 mercury vapors

 captures room air pollutants

 Dental HG FlexVac

 drill aerosols
 mercury vapors

 captures drill pollutants at the

Dental Series: System Design

iq air dental series air cleaner purifier  

1. User Control Panel

2. Carrying Handle

3. No-Draft Diffuser

4. Particle Post-Filter Sleeves

5. Gas & Odor Filter Cartridges

6. Snap-Open Locking Arms

7. High-Performance Centrifugal Fan

8. Advanced Fan Control

9. Pre-Max Pre-Filter (Class H11)

10. Dual Floor Air Intake

Supplied Accessories

  • Set of 4 casters
  • Remote control (batteries included)
  • Cartridge insertion tool
  • User manual
  • Certificate of Performance
  • Extra long (10') detachable power cable

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Product Specification

Minimum  Particle Filtration Efficiency


Air Delivery per Fan Speed

35  70  110  140  170  260

Pre Filter

Rated Filter Class: H11 (EN 1822) with 30 sq. ft. surface area. Average Filter Life: 6-18 months

Gas & Odor Filter

11 pounds granular impregnated activated carbon

Post Filter Sleeves (Set of 4)

Fine Dust Post Filtration

Fan Motor

Backward curved centrifugal AC type, 700 CFM free flow capacity at 2750rpm

Control Panel

microprocessor controlled with 32 character LCD display and 4-key touchpad

Air Intake

Dual arches at base of system

Air Outlet

320 degree EvenFlow diffuser at top of system

Housing Material

ABS and ABS/PC blend thermoplastics (non-offgasing, UV stabilized)

Color of Main Housing/Locking Arms

Light Grey/White

Size (HxWxD)

28 inches x 15 inches x 16 inches

Weight (Including Filters)


Safety Approval

CSA rated for continuous operation under applicable UL and CSA standards

Voltage & Frequency

120 V – 60Hz

Operating Temperature

41-104 degrees

Operating Humidity

5% to 95% non condensing