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Best Vacuums for Allergies & HEPA Filtration

Many people suffer from allergies, be it seasonal or all year round. You may think that there isn’t much for you to do but stay indoors during the worst of it, but you’re still sneezing and sniffling. What if Best Vacuum told you there’s a solution to help reduce the amount of allergens that are floating through the air in your home? You ready? Vacuuming. That’s right. Miele has some of the best vacuums with HEPA-class filtration that will easily reduce the number of allergens and dust and dirt that may be exhausted from your old vacuum.

With high quality cloth filter bags to trap dust and hair to high efficiency exhaust filters to trap dander and allergens Miele vacuums are the answer to any allergy sufferers needs. Below are our top picks that combine inspired German engineering, strong suction and best in class air filtration.

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Miele Complete C3 Calima

Miele Calima C3 Complete

Deluxe Complete C3 canister vacuum with Turbo Brush, Parquet Brush and AirClean Sealed HEPA filtration

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Miele Electro + C2 Compact

Miele Electro + C2 Compact

Compact canister with aggressive carpet brush and sleek smooth floor tool. Incredible performance at a great value.

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Miele Complete C3 Brilliant

Miele Brilliant C3 Complete

Vacuuming perfection. The top of the line Miele vacuum with fingertip controls, 3-D velvet bumper, automatic suction adjustment and 10-year motor warranty.

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Miele Complete C3 Alize

Miele Alize C3 Complete

Premium HEPA canister with automatic suction control and LED spotlight handle. Recommended for bare floors and area rugs.

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Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz

Miele Jazz U1 Dynamic

All the features of the Miele Twist, plus HEPA filter, LED headlight and Canary Yellow finish.

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