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Best Vacuums for Allergies & HEPA Filtration

Many people suffer from allergies, be it seasonal or all year round. You may think that there isn’t much for you to do but stay indoors during the worst of it, but you’re still sneezing and sniffling. What if Best Vacuum told you there’s a solution to help reduce the amount of allergens that are floating through the air in your home? You ready? Vacuuming. That’s right. Miele has some of the best vacuums with HEPA-class filtration that will easily reduce the number of allergens and dust and dirt that may be exhausted from your old vacuum.


Perhaps you’re looking at our extensive collection of Miele products, and you see one you like, but notice that it’s not good for allergies. It can be frustrating. But that’s where we come in. Best Vacuum exists, not only to bring you easy-to-understand lists of the greatest vacuums for allergy-sufferers, but to help you find the perfect machine.

At the very top, we have the Miele Brilliant. While $1,499 may seem really expensive for a vacuum, you’re paying for so much more than just a vacuum. This machine is armed with some of the best filtration and features of all the Miele vacuums. HEPA filter, sealed filtration system, LED lights… While the lights may be enticing, it’s really the filtration system that catches your eye. What does it mean? Best Vacuum has the answer. Sealed filtration will trap any and all particles in the canister or bag, and filter them out through the HEPA filter at the top. Breathe in deep and smell that allergy-free air.

Next is the Miele Alize. It might not seem like much, only coming with a combination rug and floor tool, but it’s definitely a filtration machine. Featuring the same kind of HEPA filter as the Brilliant, it doesn’t come with all the fancy bells and whistles, so it’s much more affordably priced at $649. The type GN bag traps particles within its fibers, and anything that tries to escape is effectively stopped by the sealed canister. No way are those bouncers letting the fugitive particles escape!

The Miele Titan is the little brother of the Brilliant and Alize. Boasting not only a turbobrush and parquet floor brush, this little machine also comes with a HEPA filter. It doesn’t have the same sealed filtration system as the other models, but that doesn’t stop the Titan from performing its job! For an affordable $599, Miele’s Titan filters just as well as the Brilliant and the Alize, and it can stand up to any kind of dust and dirt thrown at it.

Finally, we have Miele’s Jazz U1 Dynamic. This midrange upright features a headlamp to light your way, HEPA filtration, and self-sealing dust bags. While it is a bit heavier at 23 pounds, this $499 machine can reduce your allergies with the best of them. Breathe better. Thank your vacuum for alleviating your allergies for another day.

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Miele Complete C3 Brilliant

Miele Brilliant C3 Complete

Vacuuming perfection. The top of the line Miele vacuum with fingertip controls, 3-D velvet bumper, automatic suction adjustment and 10-year motor warranty.

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Miele Complete C3 Alize

Miele Alize C3 Complete

Premium HEPA canister with automatic suction control and LED spotlight handle. Recommended for bare floors and area rugs.

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Miele Classic C1 Titan

Miele Titan C1 Classic

All the value and performance of the C1 Olympus, with HEPA filtration, electric powerbrush, parquet floor brush and deluxe ergonomic handle. Recommended medium pile carpeting and hard floor surfaces.

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Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz

Miele Jazz U1 Dynamic

All the features of the Miele Twist, plus HEPA filter, LED headlight and Canary Yellow finish.

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