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Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

Miele and SEBO both know we all love our pets. But their hair gets everywhere! Luckily, for all you pet owners out there, they have a solution to combat the fur and dander that seems to fly everywhere every season. Cleaning up after them can seem like a hassle and a half, but with the right tools and accessories, even the largest dog’s mess can seem small. With so many vacuums to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed just looking at Best Vacuum’s selection. Fear not! Our simple guide will offer you the best solutions to keep your home clean and odor free while still allowing your furry friends up on the couch.

Best Vacuum proudly carries Miele’s Cat & Dog vacuums, designed to combat the pet hair and smells. For those who prefer the weight and feel of an upright, we have just the vacuum for you! The Miele Cat & Dog U1 Dynamic is a good mix of power and function. Attractively priced at $549, and with a strong motorized brush in the head of the vacuum to kick up the hair and dander, the powerful suction will whisk everything into the large 5.45 qt. bag and keep it there. Coming equipped with a mini turbo brush and Active Air Clean filter, you can easily fight the buildup of fur on the furniture in your companion’s favorite spot while keeping your home smelling clean at the same time.

Maybe you’re one of those people who prefers a canister over an upright. We have a solution for you, too! With three different aggressive canisters – the Miele Cat & Dog C3 Complete, Kona C3 Complete, and Titan C1 Complete – there’s something available for everyone.

The black and white $949 Miele Cat & Dog canister is a lightweight option that offers the same tools at the upright, but with a little more mobility. Outfitted with a powerbrush and dedicated hardwood floor tool, you’ll still get the aggressive suction attacking the fur and dander, but more versatility in terms of cleaning stairs with the mini Turbo brush. The canister will sit neatly on the steps, giving you more reach to do detail cleaning without having to worry about the weight of an upright. Additionally, the Cat & Dog will come equipped with an Active Air Clean filter, meaning the carbon in the filter will trap any odors and scents that may occur.

The lighter Miele Kona C3 will be slightly cheaper option than the Cat & Dog, but at $929, don’t let that deter you! This powerhouse will still attack the worst of the pet hair that you have lying in wait in the carpets, sucking it out and locking it up in the 4.7 qt. dust bag. Additional HEPA filtration will keep any allergens and dander out of your home and your air. Armed with an aggressive powerbrush, you’ll have the cleanest carpets in your neighborhood. The dedicated Parquet Twister floor tool will gently yet thoroughly dust and clean your smooth floors with flexible, natural bristles, making detail vacuuming a snap.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Miele Titan C1 Complete. Priced fairly at $599, this lightweight vacuum comes with HEPA filtration and a comfortably lightweight powerbrush. Although this model is the lightest of the three canisters, you certainly aren’t losing any power or functionality. The turbobrush will power through any fur buildup you might have in your carpets, and the Parquet floor tool with natural bristles makes smooth floor cleaning a breeze. Pet hair won’t stand a chance against this dynamic duo!

If that wasn’t enough for you, Best Vacuum also carries SEBO’s D4 Premium with ET1 Powerbrush and Automatic X4 Pet Edition Upright. The D4 Premium is all the power of an upright in the size of a canister. With a lightweight body and easily maneuverable powerbrush, this $1,299 beast will eat up the worst of the pet hair. Also equipped with a parquet brush, your dog or cat could shed all over the house and you’d be armed to the teeth the combat the hair on carpet or smooth floors. SEBO’s smart design also allows you to keep an eye on the suction without having to really look at it. Convenient LED indicators spin to tell you how much the vacuum is working, and with a 1.5 gal. bag and full bag indicator, you’ll never have to guess at when you need to change it.

The SEBO Automatic X4 Pet Edition Upright is another vacuum that will conquer even the worst pet hair buildups. Not only is this the lightest full-size upright that Best Vacuum carries, but in addition to the dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice nozzle, SEBO includes a handheld mini turbobrush to make vacuuming your furry friend’s favorite spot a breeze. With a 5.6 qt. bag, you could vacuum your whole dog and still have room for more!

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Miele Classic C1 Titan

Miele Titan C1 Classic

All the value and performance of the C1 Olympus, with HEPA filtration, electric powerbrush, parquet floor brush and deluxe ergonomic handle. Recommended medium pile carpeting and hard floor surfaces.

$479.20 $599.00
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Miele Complete C3 Kona

Miele Kona C3 Complete

Miele's new and improved version of the top-rated Callisto. Same great performance as Callisto with lighter body, better bumpers and foot tap suction control.

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Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

Miele Cat & Dog C3 Complete

Power to eliminate all types of cat and dog hair with active carbon odor control and turbo pet brush for upholstery.

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Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog

Miele Cat & Dog U1 Dynamic

Special pet edition with Active Air odor control and handheld turbobrush tool for pet hair.

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Sebo D4 Premium with ET1 Powerbrush

SEBO D4 Premium with ET1 Powerbrush

Ultra-quiet operation and amazing suction power with 320-degree hose rotation provide unmatched comfort and maneuverability.

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SEBO Automatic X4 Pet Edition Upright

SEBO Automatic X4 Pet Edition Upright

German designed upright with automatic controls and features for pet owners.

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