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Persil Case Lot Whites Megaperls


As of fall of 2014, Persil detergent is no longer being distributed in the United States.  Miele offers a full line of laundry detergents and fabric softeners that can be found here.

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Persil Case Lot Whites Megaperls (3 Boxes)

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Best Detergent ever! - AZ Guy

When my daughter was 1 year old in 1988, the baby had super-sensitive skin. We could not use a commercial diaper service. We didn’t want to add to the pollution problem with disposable diapers. Our pediatrician told us about Miele washers. With the Miele’s sanitize cycle at 198 degrees, we were able to do the diapers at home easily with complete safety and sanitation. That’s when we started using Persil. Today, my daughter is 27, has her own set of Miele’s (a housewarming gift from us!) and we are still using Persil in our own Miele’s. We do a LOT of whites - all of our towels and most of the bed linens are white in our house-hold. The stain removal ability of Persil and Miele’s using the super-hot cycle when necessary is nothing short of amazing. We had a neighbor who’s guests spilled a full glass of Bordeaux on an heirloom linen table cloth and napkins. She thought they were ruined. I soaked them for 2 hours in a diluted Persil UltaWhile powder bath, and then tossed them into the Miele for an extra long, heavy soil wash at 198 F degrees. They came out perfectly white with no trace of the stain. None at all. I showed our neighbor how to wet-starch the linens using the Miele’s built-in Starch cycle and ironed them with our Rotary Iron. We not only saved her Heirloom linens but we saved her a cleaning bill of over $100 too! My neighbor has since bought her own set of Miele’s and has a Rotary Iron on order, too! If you own fine linens, be they table, bed or bath - there is no better detergent than Persil and no better safer way to wash them than in a Miele washer. Twenty-seven years with Persil and Miele’s and nothing else comes close! (Posted on 3/6/14)

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