Miele XL Pack (8 FJM Bags, HA50)

Miele XL Pack (8 FJM Bags, HA50)

50 PCS Face Mask Disposable for General Use

Easy to use– Our masks are disposable and single use. Lightweight mask provides comfort and easy breathing while you’re at work, grocery store, or running necessary errands. Just slip the elastic bands over your ears and conform metal nose guard to create a light seal around your face. Mask should not be reused. Apply new mask every 2 hours for best protection to ensure moisture from breathe doesn’t dampen mask.

Great Protection – Our face protective masks are made from non-woven fabric which has increased filtration of fluids in air compared to woven cloth. 3 layers of protection helps filter microbes from entering and exiting mask while not constricting airflow.

Brand New Condition. Retail Box with Masks Safety Sealed Inner Plastic wrap.  Factory Direct made in China.

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Quick Shipping – Due to theses hard times and extreme demand we want to make sure to meet your needs. Once your order is received, we process and ship with in 1 business day Monday thru Friday. Shipped from Illinois warehouse via USPS, 2-5 business days. All packers have protective wear to reduce the spread of germs.

Manufactured in a sterile facility. Samples are tested regularly to ensure contaminants are being prevented from entering and exiting.

Thick 3 Ply Quality

We cut 1 of our face mask to show you the Quality of our 3 ply face mask.

  1. Outer layer made from non woven polypropylene.
  2. Center layer is melt blown polypropylene filtration layer.
  3. Inner layer is made from non woven polypropylene which makes it comfortable on your skin.


If your using mask for Surgical or Medical related activities please consult a health care professional before use. Even though our non woven face mask offer great protection we should still practice recommended measures like social distancing, frequent hand washing, and not avoid touching face. For more up to date recommendations please refer to CDC Website.

This mask is not intended for medical use and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease.

Protect Yourself

As we all know staying at home is our best option right now. But for those that need to go out we should protect our selves best we can. It is recommended to practice social distancing, sometimes difficult to maintain in public settings like grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. Our mask aids in stopping fluid transmission to give you an added layer of protection.

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