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Allerair 5000 Sentinel Air Purifier - White


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Product Description

Allerair 5000 Sentinel Air Purifier - White

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Product Specification


22 Gauge cold roll steel ... No offgassing


Powder Coated ... Oven-baked finish ... No offgassing


Black, white, sandstone, pewter, green, copper,
burgundy, blue, safety yellow


Permanent split capacitor 5" diameter. No varnish on motor windings to diminish any VOCs.

Filter HEPA

99.97% efficient down to 0.3 microns and will take out some smaller particles as well. Filter canister 14.25 OD - 11.25 ID x 12" - Protected by nylon outer screen and metal inner screen - Bonded pleats to prevent pleat breakage - Evenly spaced pleats for uniformity.

Filter Carbon

18 lbs of granular activated enhanced and impregnated filtration media specially formulated for chemical agents. (Many other specially adsorbant carbons for specialized needs available.). Carbon canister 6.5" ID - 11" OD x 15.

UV Germicidal Bulb

"J-Bulb" 15 watts, 120v, 425 mA, 17.5" long. Ultraviolet output 254mm-4.2w, 1 meter 42 microwatts per

Lab Seal

laboratory seal gasketing to prevent air leakage and insure air filtration.


Extra dense "PRODense" material - can be vacuumed or replaced in seconds.

Unit Dimensions

15" Diameter / 23.5" Height, plus castors for easy mobility.


400 cubic feet per minute Free Flow (before filters)


5 years parts and labor


CSA KTL and NRTL approved


Clean air flows so that dust is not stirred up from the floor. Ozone is not produced from any of our units. No washing or monthly maintenance required. Other units available for residential, commerical and industrial applications. Also available are furnace air handling and portable desk top units and air purifiers for odor and chemical control, fume extractors, smoke extractors, smoking bars and restaurants.