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SEBO Bags & Filters

Sebo brand bags and filters are high quality cloth filters for your Sebo vacuum cleaner. We have the complete line up of replacement Sebo vacuum bags & filters ready to ship today. With high efficiency S-Class Hospital Grade filtration Sebo bags and filters will trap particles down to virus levels keep your home's air quality at exceptional levels.

Original Sebo Service Box X. Service Box C and Service Box K are designed to completely outfit your Sebo vacuum for entire year. Complete with bags, pre-filters and post-filters service boxes are the most economical way to keep your vacuum up and running.

Sebo Filters are long lasting and should be changed once a year. All Sebo vacuums come with both a pre-filter and post filter that will clean small particles out of the air as you vacuum. S-Class Hospital Grade filters trap dangerous particles and irritating from escaping back into your home. High-quality Sebo bags come with bags caps to seal dirt and debris inside the bag during disposal.

Not sure which bag or filter your vacuum needs? Call a Sebo expert at 888-205-3228.