Short Story: Miele C3 Complete Cat and Dog

Miele C3 Complete Cat & Dog: A Customer Story

It’s the weekend and time to clean the house. My family has two large dogs, a Saint Bernard and a Great Dane. They’re adorable, loving and very, very messy! Vacuuming and cleaning my house was such a cumbersome and time-consuming chore. From the short Great Dane hairs getting stuck in crevices to the Saint Bernard’s longer hairs piling in corners and under furniture; I dreaded the task of cleaning.

For years I’ve torn through vacuums trying to clean my house. A vacuum would usually last my household a year, if we were lucky. Then I got to try a vacuum from

Introduce, the Miele C3 Complete Cat & Dog!

I have never been so impressed with a vacuum cleaner. This unit has everything my family needs to get the house clean, day after day, week after week. With ease, I can vacuum our hardwood floors and go right to our area rugs. A simple flip of a switch keeps the cleaning power going from surface to surface.

The Power Brush for carpet is amazing. Even my husband stopped to watch as I was vacuuming the area rug. He commented on how I only had to do one pass and the rug was totally clear of dog hair. Now, for my husband to take note of my cleaning progress, it takes something really impressive!

My cleaning used to take multiple passes over the floor for each room. Now, it’s one and done!

Even the air is cleaner in my home now. The Miele C3 Complete Cat & Dog vacuum has Active Air Clean filtration to remove pet odors and allergens. Combining the Dust Bag and Active AirClean Filter means no more particles are being blow into the air and scents from the oils in the dog hairs is filtered. I make sure to stay stocked up by purchasing the Miele GN 3D AirClean Performance Pack, saving money and the frustration of running out of bags!

This Miele C3 Complete Dog & Cat has made my cleaning time short and efficient. I highly recommend this unit for pet owners who are ready to finally have a clean house with one pass effort.

Kim G.

Even this dog’s hair can’t stop this Miele Cat & Dog vacuum!

Miele 2018 Model Choices

Miele Canister vacuum cleaners come in all different shapes, sizes and features.

Here’s a quick guide to help guide your selection of C1, C2, or C3 makes & Models. All Miele’s have one thing in common… quality!

For 2018, There are three distinct classes of Miele vacuums…

Starting with the Classic C1, Miele offers a light and practical vacuum at a very reasonable price. Weighing in at about 12 lbs with accessories and a 29 foot operating radius this unit is a great buy, featuring large capacity and basic rotary selector controls.

Next in the product line is the Compact C2 with a light, convenient, and compact design. In comparison, The C2 unit has a little more durability than the C1 with accessories, but a similar 29 foot operating radius. The power suction is a step up in the line featuring 1,200 W maximum output and rotary selector controls.

The Complete C2 is elegant, convenient, versatile weighing 17 lbs with accessories, with a 33 foot operating radius, a larger dust bag volume, and 890 W maximum output. As with the Compact C2, The Complete C2 has rotary selector controls, but adds convenient integrated accessories. As the name implies, it simply is a “complete solution” and a great price-to-performance vacuum.

At the top of the line the Complete C3 is distinct and powerful weighing in at about 16 lbs with accessories. Furthermore, It has an incredible operating radius of 42 feet and a large dust bag volume. The complete C3 is designed with the power of 1,200 Watts for maximum output. Finally, Convenient operation via foot and/or handle controls enable electrobrush features and come with integrated accessories.

Not sure which Miele is perfect for you? Contact a Best Vacuum Miele expert at 1-844-496-1733. Compare Miele vacuum cleaners here:


Miele Vacuums Introduces New Premium Vacuums Starting at $299

With a reshuffle of their Compact Series canister vacuums, Miele has made owning a premium canister vacuum easier than ever! Outfitted with German designed technology Miele has slashed the prices of their best-selling Compact Canister series by as much as $130! Still outfitted with a strong 1200 watt, 140 CFM motor, the industry leading Miele vacuum performance is still intact at a great price.

This new savings has not come with any compromise to quality or performance, let’s get into the lineups new details.

Introducing the C1 Compact Pure Suction and Turbo Team

The award winning C1 Compact series is back. The classic body style with easy to use features has been revived by Miele in form of the C1 Compact Pure Suction ($299) and the C1 Compact Turbo Team ($399).

These models have been produced to replace the old C1 Classic Olympus and C1 Classic Capri. With sturdier, more durable parts and sleeker canister design the C1 Compact canister is a step up over the old C1 Classic line.

The C1 Compact Pure Suction comes with the time tested 285-3 combination tool for smooth floors and area rugs, a high efficiency cloth FJM dustbag and Air Clean filtration at the exhaust. Perfect for homes with mostly smooth floors and delicate area rugs. Replacing the C1 Classic Olympus, the Pure Suction will hold up longer while still maintaining impressive vacuum performance.

Need a little more carpet cleaning action? The C1 Compact Turbo Team comes with the lightweight, yet aggressive 205-3 turbobrush for low to medium pile carpets and a Parquet-3 brush for hardwood floors, tile and even stone surfaces. Replacing the Miele Capri, the Turbo Team give you a better canister build at the same price. is incredibly excited to carry the new C1 Compact line. Coupled with superior technology and performance at a value price, you can’t beat them. Have any questions? Give us a call at 844-496-1733 today!

The New Miele Maverick, What Is Different?

The Miele U1 Dynamic Twist has been replaced by the Miele U1 Dynamic Maverick.

So, what has changed?

Not much, just the color and price! You can now get a premium Miele upright for only $399.00blogmav

Miele has slashed their price on the award winning upright line starting with the new Maverick at just $399.00. With a new black obsidian color overlay the Maverick has a touch of modern and class while still retaining the rugged and aggressive cleaning of the U1 Dynamic line.

We love the Miele Maverick because of the incredible bang for your buck you get with this upright. An automatic adjusting brushroll deeply cleans any carpeting and with the flip of the switch you can change seamlessly to smooth floor cleaning. A 12 foot pull out hose with extendable wand for detail cleaning is also super handy.

The Miele U1 Dynamic Maverick  could be the perfect reason to ditch your old vacuum and see what people are talking about with their German Made and Manufactured Miele U1 Uprights.

As always, all Miele vacuums ship free overnight with no tax, order today.


Miele Wins 2016 J.D. Power Satisfaction Survey

Who has the highest rated canister vacuums as voted on by the consumers? We do.

Miele canister vacuums have yet again ranked highest in customer j-d-power-logosatisfaction in the 2016 J.D. Power Vacuum Satisfaction Study. Judged by actual consumers in the areas of performance, ease of use, price, product design and warranty Miele canisters have scored an impressive 809 out of 1,000.

Miele flexed its muscle in the all-important performance category.
Aided by the 1200 watt, 140 CFM producing suction motor
Miele scored 859/1,000. Compare that to the average segment score of 810, it wasn’t even close.

Another interesting fact in the J.D. Power survey is that customer satisfaction increases greatly when consumers research vacuums before visiting a dealer. This is nothing new to us here at Best Vacuum and we have you covered with expert information. Check out our Miele buying guide, learn about different styles of floor tools or even educated yourself on types of filtration.

As for our favorite 2016 Miele Canisters? I personally choose the C2 Onyx. The lightweight tool package for both carpets and smooth floors with a compact design, this vacuum moves effortlessly around my condo. Juan our head service tech loves his gadgets and the Miele C3 Brilliant has all the bells and whistles. Best Vacuum’s jack-of-all-trades, Eddy, favors the Miele Titan. The C1 Titan is a simple, well made, well filtered vacuum with all the versatility you need.

Want more information on the 2016 J.D. Power Award winning best canister vacuums? Just give us a call at 888-205-3228 and we’ll talk Miele with you.