Today we are sharing an exert from a recent article summarized by IQ Air. It really resonates with the Best Vacuum staff and our families. The products we offer are designed to provide not only the highest quality. Most Importantly, They provide a healthier environment for your home and office place.  We all have control over our individual living spaces, as well as the impact we exhaust into our shared environment.

Why add Air Purification?

Adding Air Purification units into our living spaces will reduce our risk of sickness, remove allergens, and may even save our lives! The IQ Air Purifier Solutions are wonderful units that improve the quality of life. We can say this with confidence, as we have used them in our homes for many years too! There are many considerations and variables in the Global Air Pollution impact. We will leave the Global issues to individuals. Best Vacuum offers the highest quality products to improve your health everyday in your home. We believe by focusing on making your home safer, we help to make the biggest impact on the family. We pulled this exert resonates from the IQ Air article to share with our community…

From IQ Air post 2/7/2018:

“Protect yourself with a high-performance air purifier. The IQAir HealthPro® Plus filters 99.97% of even the smallest ultrafine particles, such as those from vehicles and nearby factory exhaust, from your indoor air.”

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If you are interested in the whole article regarding the long term impact of air pollutants. Please, visit IQ Air’s site article by clicking here.

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