Miele C3 Complete Cat & Dog: A Customer Story

It’s the weekend and time to clean the house. My family has two large dogs, a Saint Bernard and a Great Dane. They’re adorable, loving and very, very messy! Vacuuming and cleaning my house was such a cumbersome and time-consuming chore. From the short Great Dane hairs getting stuck in crevices to the Saint Bernard’s longer hairs piling in corners and under furniture; I dreaded the task of cleaning.

For years I’ve torn through vacuums trying to clean my house. A vacuum would usually last my household a year, if we were lucky. Then I got to try a vacuum from bestvacuum.com.

Introduce, the Miele C3 Complete Cat & Dog

I have never been so impressed with a vacuum cleaner. This unit has everything my family needs to get the house clean, day after day, week after week. With ease, I can vacuum our hardwood floors and go right to our area rugs. A simple flip of a switch keeps the cleaning power going from surface to surface.

The Power Brush for carpet is amazing. Even my husband stopped to watch as I was vacuuming the area rug. He commented on how I only had to do one pass and the rug was totally clear of dog hair. Now, for my husband to take note of my cleaning progress, it takes something really impressive!

My cleaning used to take multiple passes over the floor for each room. Now, it’s one and done!

Even the air is cleaner in my home now. The Miele C3 Complete Cat & Dog vacuum has Active Air Clean filtration to remove pet odors and allergens. Combining the Dust Bag and Active AirClean Filter means no more particles are being blow into the air and scents from the oils in the dog hairs is filtered. I make sure to stay stocked up by purchasing the Miele GN 3D AirClean Performance Pack, saving money and the frustration of running out of bags!

This Miele C3 Complete Dog & Cat has made my cleaning time short and efficient. I highly recommend this unit for pet owners who are ready to finally have a clean house with one pass effort.

Kim G.

Even this dog’s hair can’t stop this Miele Cat & Dog vacuum!
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