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Small, sleek, silent. The Blueair Classic 205 air purifier will work in rooms up to 280 sq ft, completely purifiying the air up to five times an hour.

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The Blueair Classic 205 series air purifier provides Blueair’s industry leading air quality results with new technological advancements for the modern home. The Classic 205 purifies spaces up to 280 square feet quietly and efficiently. This small air purifier will constantly improve your air quality with up to five complete room air changes an hour.

Superior Performance, Superior Air Quality

What sets the Blueair Classic 205 air purifier apart is the sheer volume of air this unit can clean. The 205 will constantly be drawing in, cleaning and exhausting purified air in your home.

In rooms up to 280 square feet the Classic 205 is rated to change the air five times an hour while delivering an impressive Clean Air Delivery Rate of 340m3 per hour when tested on dust and pollen.

Blueair uses their patented HEPASilent technology, a three-part process with incredible effective results. A small energy efficient motor draws dirty air into the unit. Particles in the air are then charged in an isolated charging chamber. Air is pushed through a polypropylene fiber HEPASilent filter. The charged particles are drawn to the filter fibers and binds with the filter media, trapping them for good. Blueair filters will trap particles as small as .1 microns 99.97% of the time. Finally, clean air is exhausted into your home.

With this special three stage process Blueair is able to operate quietly and use less energy than traditional air purifiers on the market.

Connected to Your Life

Blueair introduces comprehensive connectivity in the Blueair Classic 205 air purifier. Connect your air purifier to a Blueair Aware module for real time environmental air quality feedback. When you download the Blueair Friend app for iOS or Android you can control power and fan speeds from anywhere in your home.

Blueair, Green Planet

Energy Star certified, Blueair units use only between 20 to 80 watts of energy. HEPASilent filter media is recyclable.

Inspired Swedish Design

A sleek user interface and modern forms will make you want to showcase this small but powerful air purifier. A redesigned, clear, easy to read LED display sits atop the unit and will adjust fan speeds, control power and indicate filter life.

The Classic 205 has a slim profile at 21”x17”x8” and will fit almost anywhere. This small air purifier is perfect for the office or bedroom, you never have to choose between air quality or style.

For big performance in a small package, look no further than the Blueair Classic 205. With smart controls and larger surface coverage the Classic 205 builds on the legacy of Blueair’s cornerstone line.


Five Years comprehensive covered by Blueair

In the Box:

Blueair Classic 205
200 Series HEPASilent Filter (Installed)
Instruction Manual & Warranty Information

Room size 26m2 (280 sq ft)?
Room size is based on 8' ceiling. If your ceilings are higher, the air purifier will still clean your air but at a slightly lower CADR.
CADR (Smoke)

306m3 per hour (180 cfm)

CADR (Dust)

340m3 per hour (200 cfm)

CADR (Pollen)

340m3 per hour (200 cfm)

Air changes per hour 5
Dimensions (H x W x D) 533 x 432 x 209 mm (21 x 17 x 8 in)
Product weight 11 kg (24 lb)
Energy consumption 20- 80 watts
Sound level 32 - 56 dB(A)
Electronic sensors, remote, on/off timer No
Filter replacement indicator Yes
Speed control options 1 - 2 - 3
Casters No
Air outlet Top
Air inlet Back
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