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Blueair Pro XL

Efficiently and quietly clean up to 1,180 sq ft. with this large capacity air purifier. With installed Air Intelligence Module the Blueair Pro XL will constantly monitor your air and automatically adjust for best performance.

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Ideal for office spaces, lofts and large living areas the Blueair Pro XL will quietly clean up to an impressive 1,180 sq ft. A slim design and near silent operation allows you to position this Blue air purifier nearly anywhere in the room. Outfitted with HEPASilent filters that will trap particles at 0.1 microns 99.97% of the time.

Constant Clean Air
The Bluepro XL will completely change the air in rooms 1,180 sq ft and smaller up to 5 times an hour. A quiet and efficient motor draws dirty air into the unit. Next in an isolated charging chamber air is ionized then pushed through Blueairs HEPASilent filters. Finally clean fresh air is circulated back into your room, no dust, no allergens, no ozone. The Blueair Pro XL will need a filter change once every six months of operation.

Near Silent Operation
While big in operational capacity the Blueair Pro XL is not big on noise. At the highest settings the unit will never produce more than 58 decimals (dB[A]) of noise. That is quieter than a normal room conversation. The Blueair Pro XL will keep working hard in the background will producing very little white noise.

Sleek Design and Profile
At 10” deep, 20” wide and 40” high you can position the Blueair Pro XL nearly anywhere in the room. Minimalist and simple Swedish design gives this Blue air purifier a modern look and feel. Simple touch controls allow you to adjust fan settings and intuitive interface allows you to monitor air quality and filter life.

Friendly to the Environment
The Blueair Pro XL does not emit any ozone into your room. Using about the same amount of power as an average light bulb Blueair has earned an Energy Star rating from the EPA for this unit. The HEPASilent Filter material is 100% recyclable.

Intelligent Air
The Blueair Pro XL comes with the state of the art Air Intelligence Module installed. The unit will constantly monitor the air for allergens and gases and automatically adjust the Pro XL for peak performance.

The Blueair Pro XL comes with a 5 Year Warranty through Blueair

What’s In The Box
Blueair Pro XL
Blueair Pro XL HEPASilent Filters (installed)
Air Intelligence Module (installed)
Instruction Manual and Warranty Documentation

Room Size 1180 sq ft.
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) 900 CFM - Dust / 950 CFM - Pollen
Air Changes Per Hour 5
Airflow 210 - 330 - 990 CFM
Dimensions 44" x 20" x 10" 
Weight 66 lbs.
Energy Consumption  33 - 57 - 256 Watts (US Outlet Only)
Noise Level 32 - 35 - 58 decibels (db[A])
Air Intelligence Module  Installed
Filter Replacement Indicator  Yes
Speed Settings 3 and Auto
Casters  No
Air Outlet  Side
Air Inlet  Side
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