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Blueair Sense Air Purifier


Beautiful colors combine with great design in an efficient air purifer for any room.

This item has been discontinued. Check out the NEW Blueair Sense Plus here.

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Product Description

Simplicity, beauty and efficiency. Finally, there is an air purifier that does not compromise. The new Blueair Sense incorporates all three of these qualities to keep your home clean and fresh without ruining the look of your room.

Measuring only 19 inches high, the Sense fits in anywhere. Its ultra- slim 7-inch depth allows it to be placed right up against a wall in rooms or even narrow hallways.

Detailed with laser-cut steel and a matt color finish, the Sense is available in five contemporary muted colors Mocha Brown, Blue, White, Graphite Black and Light Grey.

The Blueair Sense’s sleek, motion sense operation is a taste of the future. Passing your hand across the top sensor plate turns on the sense in silent mode. On days when the pollen count is high, you can increase the air purifying power by waving your hand across the motion sensor to activate intermediate or maximum air cleaning.

But the Sense's beauty is more than just skin deep. Equipped with four air cleaning filters (two particle and two gas filters) the Sense’s ingenious placement of the filters double-filter the air

Air is drawn into the Blueair  Sense on the right side. The laser-cut outer grill acts as a course filter to stop large debris like lint or hair. The air then passes thorugh a carbon pre-filter where it traps any visible dust while simultaneously absorbing odors and gases . The air is then pulled through Blueair’s exclusive HEPA Silent filter removing microscopic mold pollen, pet dander and dust.

But that is only half the purification done by the Sense. The purified air is then double-filtered as it passes through the fan and is blown through another HEPA Silent filter. Finally, the particle-free clean air is passed though a final carbon filter removing even more odors and gasses before it is delivered back to your home.

Maintenance is just as easy as other BlueAir products. Simply vacuum off the intake grill once a month and replace the filters every 6 months (no tools needed- they just side into place).

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Product Specification

Blueiar sense specs

Smoke -Clean Air Delivery Rate 

100 cfm (170 m^3/h)

Dust -Clean Air Delivery Rate 

100 cfm (170 m^3/h)

Pollen -Clean Air Delivery Rate 

100 (170 m^3/h)

ACH (Air changes per Hour)
assuming 8-foot (2.4m) ceilings

5 (150 sq.ft. room)

5 (14 m^2 room)

Airflow (Speed 1-2-3)

45-60-100 cfm

76-102-187 m^3/h

Size (HxWxD)

19 x 17 x 7 in.

480 x 470 x 170 mm


22 lbs (10 kg)

Energy consumption (watts) (Speed 1-2-3)


Noise level dB(A) (Speed 1-2-3)