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Boneco / Air-O-Swiss P500 Air Purifier


Ideal for small offices and bedrooms this whisper quiet air purifier comes with specialized filter sets to give you complete control of your air quality.

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Product Description

The Boneco / Air-O-Swiss P500 Air Purifier brings Swiss inspired design and clean air into your home. This Boneco air purifier gives you a choice of three distinct filter styles and a remote control so you'll be in full control of your homes air quality. The Boneco P500 is suitable for spaces up to 222 sq. ft. & is ideal for bedrooms and offices.

Stylish Design and Efficient Performance
With a slim profile and modern design the Boneco P500 will fit into any almost room. Dirty air is drawn into the front of the unit and is exhausted out of the top of the machine for the best air circulation possible. The Boneco P500 boasts an impressive 178 cubic feet of air flow a minute. Clean air delivery rates of 155 cubic feet a minute for filtering dust, 177 cubic feet a minute when filtering pollen and 143 cubic feet a minute while filtering gases and odors allow the Boneco P500 to constantly bring the cleanest, freshest air into your home.

Your Air, Your Filtration
The Boneco / Air-O-Swiss P500 has three customizable filter sets to ensure you’re getting the air quality you need.

The standard A501 Allergy Filter uses a prefilter to trap large particles, an allergy filter to capture mid-sized allergens, a HEPA filter to trap fine particles and an Active Carbon Filter to absorb gases and odors. This filter set is best for all around usage for consistent clean air.

The A502 Baby Filter protects newborns from viruses and bacteria in the air. A prefilter catches large particles, hair and dust. A specialized enzyme filter cleans fungi, bacteria and other germs. A HEPA filter layer captures particles as small as .3 microns 99.97% of the time. Finally air passes through an Active Carbon filter absorbing harmful gases and odors.

Ideal for city dwellers and smokers the A503 SMOG filter comes with a prefilter for large particles, while a layer of HEPA filtration traps very fine particles. Air then travels through Activated Carbon that absorbs wide range of gases, harmful VOCs and smoke. Clean and safe air is then circulated back into your home.

Filter sets are easily replaceable and load through the front of the unit. You can change your filter set at anytime depending on your needs. Boneco suggests changing the filter set at least once a year with normal load and use.

Easy Operation
The P500 operates whisper quiet between 30 and 61 dB(A). A large easy to read display has an air quality indicator, fan setting read out and filter change indicator. Control power, sleep settings and fan speeds all with a touch of a button with the P500 remote control.

The P500 is covered by a 5-year limited warranty through Boneco / Air-O-Swiss. The P500 Motor and gears are covered by a 3-year warranty through Boneco / Air-O-Swiss.

In The Box
P500 Air Purifier
A501 Allergy Filter (Installed)
Remote Control
Instruction Manual

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Product Specification

Voltage 220-240 V
Power Consumption 0.5 W / 34 W
Room Capacity 222 sq ft
Air Flow 178 cfm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 9" x 18" x 25"
Weight 17.64 lbs
Operation Noise Level 31-60 dB(A)