Miele Freshener

By Miele


Introducing the Miele Dishwasher Freshener, your solution for a delightful fragrance every time you open your dishwasher. Infused with a fresh and invigorating scent of limes and green tea, this .14 oz freshener not only neutralizes unpleasant odors but also leaves your dishes smelling divine. Its innovative blend of active ingredients ensures a clean and refreshing ambiance with every wash cycle.

Designed for convenience, the Miele Dishwasher Freshener can be effortlessly attached to the dish rack, providing hassle-free usage. With a high yield capable of lasting for up to 60 rinse cycles, this freshener offers long-lasting effectiveness. Experience optimum care for your dishwasher, ensuring many years of reliable performance and a pleasant kitchen environment with Miele Dishwasher Freshener.

Miele Cleaning Excellence: Always perfect results
The products developed specifically for Miele appliances guarantee hygienically perfect results. Any possible deposits are completely removed, as a result, the performance capability of your appliance is optimized. 


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