Miele Salt

By Miele


Elevate your dishwashing experience with Miele's Dishwasher Salt, meticulously crafted for the optimum function and performance of your Miele dishwasher. This 1.5kg (3.3 lb) pack of extra coarse salt is specifically designed for Miele dishwashers, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional results. Protecting both your machine and your dishes against harmful limescale deposits, this dishwasher salt guarantees pristine cleanliness with every wash. Trust in Miele for simply perfect dishwashing results, maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your dishwasher effortlessly.

Quick Intense Wash: Best cleaning in less than an hour
An unbeatable combination: QuickIntenseWash program and the perfectly matching detergents.

Miele Detergents: Optimum cleaning results
The formula especially developed for Miele dishwashers stands for reliable, perfect dishwashing results.

Gentle Treatment of Glasses: Sparkling shine
Perfect interaction between rinse aid and dishwasher Sparkling shine at each rinse cycle.

Product Specifications

• Extra coarse — perfectly suited for Miele dishwashers
• Protects machine and dishes against dangerous limescale deposits
• Simply perfect dishwashing with Miele.


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