Miele CM 6360 MilkPerfection Countertop Coffee Machine

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Experience the ultimate coffee indulgence with the Miele CM 6360 MilkPerfection Countertop Coffee Machine. This sleek and sophisticated machine offers a seamless coffee experience, boasting advanced features such as WiFi Conn@ct for effortless communication with your device. With its high-quality milk container, you can enjoy velvety smooth milk froth, perfect for enhancing a wide range of specialty coffees.

The AromaticSystem ensures every cup is bursting with intense flavor, delivering perfect results with every brew. Plus, the innovative OneTouch for Two feature allows you to prepare two coffees simultaneously with just a simple touch, making entertaining or enjoying a quiet moment even more convenient. And with convenient cleaning programs designed for easy maintenance, keeping your machine in top condition has never been simpler. Elevate your coffee ritual and enjoy the convenience of modern technology with the Miele CM 6360 MilkPerfection Countertop Coffee Machine.

Product Features:

Easy cleaning - For greater cleaning convenience
Daily cleaning is carried out by these intelligent appliances almost automatically. The milk pipework is automatically cleaned after every drink made with milk. The exclusive descaling program, AutoDescale, automatically ensures durability on CM7 models. The drip tray, water container, and waste container are easy to remove and dishwasher-safe thanks to ComfortClean. The efficient cleaning functions guarantee hygiene and excellent coffee flavor.

Easily removable brew unit - The quality of the coffee is always consistent
The brewing component is the "heart" of automatic coffee preparation. It can be removed and cleaned easily. This ensures a hygienic brew unit as well as consistently high coffee quality and the longevity of the machine.

ComfortClean - Easy cleaning in the dishwasher
The ComfortClean system makes Filtration very easy. Many of the coffee machine parts, such as the water container and the waste container can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. This contributes significantly to maintaining the value of the appliance.

Ground Coffee Chute - Second coffee variety for individual preferences
In addition to the bean container, Miele bean-to-cup coffee machines also have a drawer for ground coffee. You can use this to make a second type of coffee using ready ground coffee.

ClearView Lighting - Coffee always in view
Your coffee in perfect view at all times - only with ClearView Lighting. The soft LED light showcases every cup and provides an ambient mood in your kitchen. ClearView Lighting is the perfect complement for the balanced design of all coffee machines and provides a visual highlight that makes coffee enjoyment even more pleasurable.

Coffee Pot Function - Prepare several cups one after the other
When you have visitors: At the touch of a button, your appliance dispenses up to 8 cups of coffee one after the other into a coffee pot placed under the spout.

AromaticSystem - For an intensive coffee aroma
More room for more taste. The brew chamber of Miele coffee machines expands when water flows in. The ground coffee is mixed very thoroughly with the water and the coffee aroma can unfold even better. You can look forward to enjoying wonderfully aromatic coffee.

AromaticSystemFresh - Innovative grinding and brewing system
You will taste the difference: our innovative conical grinder grinds the beans in a unique aroma-preserving way – always fresh for each cup of coffee. This is possible thanks to the new grinder position directly above the brew unit. This ensures that no remnants from a previous brewing process remain in the grinder. Enjoy coffee made with freshly ground beans, anytime and in peace and quiet: the new conical grinder works particularly quietly.

Individual settings - Store your taste preferences
The preparation parameters can be set individually, depending on the type of coffee and flavor intensity: Grinder setting, amount of coffee, brewing temperature, pre-brewing, as well as amount of water. That's how you ensure perfect flavor for your coffee specialty from every type of coffee, every roast. That's how you always get the best flavor for every coffee beverage.

User profiles - Save the settings for your favorite beverages
Save your favorite drinks as one of up to 10 user profiles – and let your Miele coffee machine greet you with a personal touch. The user profile stores all parameters for your favorite drink: Amount of ground coffee, water temperature and amount as well as preparation of milk, if applicable. For customized coffee enjoyment.

Product Specifications

Product line: CM6 MilkPerfection
Programmable User profile: 8
Control panel: DirectSensor
Height adjustment of infinitely adjustable central spout min in in. (cm): 3 1/4 (8.0)
Height adjustment of infinitely adjustable central spout max in in. (cm): 5 3/8 (13.5)
No. of bean types: 1
No. of bean containers: 1
Bean container capacity, each in oz (g): 10.58 oz (300 g)
Capacity of water container in fl oz (l): 60.87 oz (1.8 l)
Milk container capacity, total in l: 0.70
Capacity of waste container in servings: 10
Drip tray capacity in fl oz (l): 27.05 oz (0.8 l)
Adjustable beverage portion size in ml: 20-300
Ristretto: Single / Double
Espresso: Single / Double
Coffee: Single / Double
Long coffee: Single / Double
Cappuccino: Single / Double
Latte macchiato: Single / Double
Hot milk: Single
Milk froth: Single / Double
Espresso macchiato: Single / Double
Cappuccino italiano: Single / Double
Flat white: Single / Double
Cafè au lait: Single / Double
Caffè latte: Single / Double
Hot water: Single
Black tea: Single
Herbal tea: Single
Fruit tea: Single
Green tea: Single
White tea: Single
Japanese tea: Single
Power rating in standby mode in W: 0.10W
Power rating in networked standby in W: 0.50W
Unit Dimensions: 9.875" (251mm) W x 14.125" (359mm) H x 16.75 (427mm) D
Weight: 21.8 lbs (9.9 kg)
Max Dispenser Height: 3.125" (80mm) - 5.5" (140mm)
Electrical Requirements: 110V / 120V, 60Hz, 15 Amps
Power Cord: NEMA 5-15 plug, 4' 7" (1.4 m)
Pump Pressure: Max 217 psi (15 Bar)
Water Reservoir Capacity: 60.9 oz (1.8 l)
Bean Container Capacity: 10.6 oz (300 g)

What's In The Box

Miele CM 6360 - CM6 MilkPerfection Countertop Coffee Machine
Glass milk container
Descaling tablets
Cleaning tablets
Brief operating instructions on rear of unit
Miele coffee 250 gr
Stainless-steel milk rod


2-Year Limited Warranty


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