Dyson Cool AM06 10

Dyson Cool AM06 10" Fan

Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan White

Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan White

Dyson Cool AM07 Tower Fan

Bladeless Tower fan for full room coverage. Dyson bladeless fan design ensures powerful uninterrupted airflow and quiet operation.

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The Dyson Cool AM07 Tower is not a clunky, loud and ugly box fan. Sleek design, bladeless technology and quiet performance Dyson has changed the way you cool your room. The AM07 Dyson Cool tower fan is easy to operate, maintain and is safe.

Dyson Design
Standing at 39.6" high and only 6" wide the Dyson Cool AM07 Tower features a slick modern design combined with functionality. The 6.6 foot power cord gives you flexibility in placement. Choose a color to fit to your style, the Dyson Cool AM07 Tower comes in a soft white finish with silver accents or a  dark black finish with silver accents.

No Blades
The Dyson Cool AM07 draws air in through the base of the tower and pushes it through an annular aperture. A fine, uninterpreted stream of air emits from the the fan. There are no fast spinning blades to buffet the air which causes noise and turbulence. This amplified, consistent air will keep you comforterble without even knowing the fan is there.

More Efficient
A redesigned air channel in the base of the machine more effectively draws air into the Dyson Cool AM07. The improved design produces 60% less noise and consumes 10% less power than old Dyson fans.

Full control is in your hands with the Dyson remote. Control ten distinct fan settings, turn the machine on and off, control oscillation and even set a sleep timer with the remote. The remote conveniently stows on the machine magnetically when now in use.

Two Year limited warranty through Dyson 

What's In the Box

  •  AM07 Tower Fan
  • Remote Control
  • Operations Manual
  • Warranty information 
Total Height 39.6"
Weight 6.3
Cord Length 6.6'
Amp Diameter 7.5"
Base Diameter/ with Plate 5.9"/9"
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