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Dyson Hand Tools


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Dyson accessories are made with the same care and precision as their full sized vacuums. Made with stiff durable plastics with smart designs these Dyson brushes & hand tools are a great addition for any Dyson vacuum.

For hand dusting Dyson has a full line of brushes to give you the best clean possible. The stiff bristle brush will aggressively break up stuck on dirt and debris from any surface. For everyday dusting of bookshelves and fan blades a useful multi angle dusting brush will fit into any corner. For delicate lamp shades or curtains the Dyson soft bristle brush will gently lift dust from your fabric and into the vacuum.

For hard to reach places the Flexi-Crevice tool has your back. When you need to get under the refrigerator or into your dryer vent the Flexi-Crevice tool fits onto your Dyson’s hose and will bend to the perfect angle for a full deep clean.

Picking up after an animal that sheds? The Dyson mini turbine head will suck up that tough dog or cat hair from your sofa, carpeted steps or even your car’s upholstery. Stop shedding hair at the source. The Dyson Groom tool is an innovative way to brush your pet without the mess. Traditional pet comb teeth allow you to brush out fur from your animal, when you’re finished just turn on your Dyson vacuum and the hair stuck to the brush is sucked straight into the vacuum.

Clean dust mites and other small particles out of your bed using the Dyson mattress tool. This wide angle hand tool will closely follow the contours of your mattress lifting away all sorts of things from where you sleep.

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