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Impact Foil

This is a feature exclusive to Miele Intensive Clean dustbags and is a piece of foil that is positioned opposite the dustbag opening that prevents sharp-edged objects, such as pine needles, glass and sand, from penetrating the bag while the vacuum cleaner is operating.

Incord (In-cord)

A Bosch trade name for electric hoses and wands that have integrated internal electrical cords.

Injection Molded ABS

See "ABS".

Intelligent Filter Configuration

This refers to a SEBO upright vacuum cleaner filtration system design that provides less resistance in order to achieve HEPA filtration levels while using less energy.

Intelligent Filter Life Monitor

This is an IQAir trade name for a filter monitor that takes into account actual use, speed settings and air quality conditions to inform the user when the filter on the air purifiers needs to be replaced. By replacing filters only when truly necessary, the highest air quality is maintained without wasting money by replacing filters before it is required.

IntensiveClean Bags

This is a Miele trade name for their high filtration dustbags. These bags are an integral part of their certified HEPA filtration system and include a web of three-ply random-spun polymer fibers so that far more tiny particles and allergens are retained than with conventional paper bags. This new dustbag construction has reduced already extremely low dust emissions from Miele dustbags by up to 50%.

Internal Leakage

On vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, filtration is only effective on the air that passes through the filter system. Internal leakage refers to air that escapes the unit before it is filtered. This is an important consideration because such air often takes particles and contaminants that were on surfaces and makes them airborne, where they may stay suspended for hours and are more easily inhaled. If an appliance leaks air before the filters then its filtration claims are only theoretical. That's why some companies such as Miele and IQAir, certify the HEPA filtration of the entire vacuum cleaner or air purifier to demonstrate that there is no internal leakage.

Internal Ribs

This is a vacuum cleaner design used by Miele and other companies that employs integrated plastic ribs as part of the dustbag compartment. This design helps prevent airflow loss as the bag fills and increases the longevity of the bags by circulating air around the entire bag, not just the rear.

Internally Wired Wand

Like electric hoses, an internally wired wand is one where the electrical cord runs inside rather than on the outside of the wand. Such wands may have pigtails an either or both ends or may be of the Direct Connect type.

Inverter Control

A type of electronic control used with DC motors.


An electrically charged atom. Ions are either positively or negatively charged. See "Positive Ions" and "Negative Ions".

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