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This is an acronym for "Original Equipment Manufacturer" and is used to designate that bags, belts, filters, replacement parts and other supplies have been manufactured by the same company that manufactured the original product. Other terms used similarly are "genuine" and "original". This is opposed to "replacement" bags, belts, parts and supplies that are made by third-party companies. When you choose OEM items you are assured that they meet the same specifications as the original equipment.

Operating Radius

The Operating Radius of a vacuum cleaner takes into account the power cord and the hose length of the unit and calculates how far away from an electrical outlet the vacuum cleaner can be effectively used. This specification is useful to determine how often the user will have to find a new outlet during cleaning. Also referred to as "Operation Radius".

Overheating Protection

See "Safety Shut-Off".


In the air purification industry ozone is sometimes used as an air purifying substance (not recommended) but is most often considered a harmful by-product of some types of air purification technology.

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