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Paper Bag

A paper bag or dustbag is made of a special, paper filter media that traps as much soil as possible inside the bag while allowing the air to flow through. The paper bag is an integral part of the filtering system (and sometimes the only part).

Park System

This is a feature on some vacuum cleaners that allows the wand and cleaning tool to be connected to the canister in an upright position when the user has to step away for a moment. Upon returning to the vacuum cleaner the user does not have to bend over to retrieve the wand and cleaning tool. Some Park Systems also turn the vacuum cleaner off automatically when engaged and turn the vacuum back on when the wand is retrieved.

Parking and Storage Aid

See "Park System".

Passive Air Filtration

This is a term Sharp uses to describe the filtration component of their Plasmacluster air purifiers. This passive filtration consists of a triple filter system that consists of a pre-filter, an active carbon filter, and a true HEPA filter.

Peak Horsepower

Used as a marketing claim to demonstrate vacuum cleaner motor power in the past, this term has largely disappeared. "Peak Horsepower" ratings were obtained by taking the vacuum motor and removing its fan(s) and then adding as much load as possible before burning it out and then measuring the horsepower. This produced a rating that had little relation to actual horsepower and this rating is therefore of no use to consumers in evaluating the performance of a vacuum cleaner.

Permanent Split Capacitor Motor

This is a type of heavy-duty motor design that uses different amounts of current on start up and during normal operation. It is used to provide heavy-duty performance without excessive amperage draw on motor start-up.

Permatex Filter

A trade name for a filter used in some Numatic vacuum cleaners.

Plasmacluster Ion Technology

This is a Sharp trade name for a system used in its air purifiers that releases positive and negative ions into room air. These ions are unstable and are immediately surrounded by water molecules. The resulting clusters are referred to as Plasmaclusters and spread throughout the room attaching to airborne particles and molecules. These Plasmaclusters knock out airborne mold fungus and decompose sources of odors.

Positive Ions

An atom with more protons than electrons has a positive charge and is called a positive ion. Positive ions may have a negative impact on human health though this is an area of great controversy.

Positive Pressure

This is a condition where the pressure in a space is more than that in surrounding areas. In this case, if openings exist, air from the positively pressurized space will flow out into the surrounding areas. This is one strategy to protect clean areas from contaminants entering from adjacent rooms. This is important to protect immuno-compromised patients, clean rooms, etc.

Potassium Iodide

This chemical compound is used in certain air purifiers such as Austin Air to increase the removal of gasses and odors from filtered air.

Power Nozzle

A Power Nozzle is a cleaning nozzle used with a canister vacuum cleaner that has a separate electric brush drive motor and a revolving brush. A Power Nozzle is sometimes referred to as a Power Head.

Power Team Type

A Power Team is a canister vacuum cleaner that includes a power nozzle where a separate electric motor drives a revolving brush roll. A Power Team is a very versatile vacuum cleaner that allows carpets and rugs to be cleaned with the powerful suction of the base unit as well as the agitation and grooming of the electric power nozzle. And, it is excellent for cleaning smooth floors as well as all above the floor surfaces.


This is Miele's trade name for their electrically powered power nozzles used with their canister vacuum cleaners. See "Power Nozzle".

Powerflo Pump System

A trade name for a water pump used in Numatic carpet cleaning equipment.

Protection Grade IP40

Also referred to as Protection Class IP40, this is a standard for electrical components that protects persons and equipment from coming into contact with dangerous electrical equipment.

Progressive Filtering System, 360°

This is an Austin Air trade name for the design of its air purifier filter system, which draws air through a set of four circular filters that progressively captures larger and then smaller particles.

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