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Radio Frequency

In the vacuum cleaner industry this terms refers to a wireless system whereby electromagnetic waves are used to control the power of the vacuum motor simply by pushing + or – buttons on the hose handle. This system, found on the Miele Galaxy series also includes a stand-by button that allows the user to conveniently turn the vacuum cleaner on or off.

Relative Humidity

A measurement of the amount of moisture in the air that is reported on a percentage basis. Also referred to as RH.

Root Cyclone Technology

This is a patented Dyson technology that uses 100,000 G's of centrifugal force in cyclones to filter dust and remove dirt from the airflow efficiently. The Root CycloneÔ delivers higher suction power by making the air stream spin, subjecting it to centrifugal force, which throws the dirt and debris out of the air. Because the airflow is unobstructed and because there are no filters or bags to clog, the suction power remains constant.

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