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Telescope Reach System

This is the Dyson system of "on-board" attachments that has no awkward parts to assemble for above the floor and high reach cleaning.

Telescopic Wand

This is a wand design that allows the user to set the wand length that is most comfortable for his or her height, usually on a variable basis to the wand's full extension.

Thermal Cut-Out

See "Safety Shut Off".

Thermal Protected

See "Safety Shut-Off".

Thermodynamic Air Purification

A system of air purification using heat to destroy airborne microorganisms such as spores, fungus, bacteria, viruses and mold spores, incinerating them at temperatures around 400F (250ºC).


There are a wide variety of materials that have thermoplastic characteristics, which are primarily that they become soft (even liquid) when heated and hard when cooled. There are dozens of thermoplastic materials and one of the most common in the vacuum cleaner industry is ABS. See "ABS".

Thread Lifters

A component of a carpet and rug tool that picks up loose threads and pet hair from the carpet surface so they can be removed by the vacuum cleaner's suction. Can be replaced when worn.

Traditional Upright

Traditional uprights are known as such because many of the early vacuum cleaners developed used a design in which unfiltered air passed through the fan and was then deposited into the dust bag. For this reason, these type of vacuum cleaners are also known as "Direct Air" or "Dirty Air" vacuum cleaners. This design often results in broken fans and other motor damage. Use of attachments in vacuum cleaners using this design is often awkward.


See "HEPA"

True Medical Grade HEPA

An Austin Air trade name for a certified HEPA filter. See "HEPA".

Turbine Nozzle

Sometimes referred to as a Turbo Brush or Turbo Nozzle, a Turbine Nozzle is a cleaning nozzle used with canister vacuum cleaners where a revolving brush is powered by the airflow of the canister's suction motor. Turbine Nozzles are not as powerful or effective as electrically powered power nozzles but do provide excellent cleaning in certain environments, carpet types and soiling conditions. The air used to drive the Turbine Nozzle is removed from the primary airflow, therefore decreasing the suction power of the vacuum system to some degree.

Turbine Nozzle Handheld

This is a smaller version of an air driven Turbine Nozzle that is used to clean stairs, corners, vehicles and durable upholstery. It is excellent for removing pet hair and other difficult soils. See "Turbine Nozzle".


This is Miele's trade name for their air powered revolving brush cleaning nozzle. See "Turbine Nozzle".

Turbobrush Handheld

This is Miele's trade name for their handheld air powered revolving brush cleaning nozzle. See "Turbine Nozzle Handheld".

Turboflo Vacuum Turbine

A trade name for a by-pass cooled vacuum motor used in Numatic wet/dry vacuum cleaners.

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