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Warm Mist

This is a method of humidification that boils water to release moisture into the air. Steam humidifiers and vaporizers fall into this category.

Washable Active Carbon Filter

This is an active carbon filter included in Sharp Plasmacluster air purifiers that is contained in a sack that allows washing. This washing unloads the filter material so it can be used again and again for five years.

Water Lift

Vacuum motor performance can be measured in "inches of water lift" as well as "inches of mercury". These measurements are taken when the motor is sealed and are based on how many inches water or mercury will rise in a testing device. Since soils are removed from carpet, flooring and other surfaces by airflow (See "Airflow") water lift is not a useful measurement in terms of evaluation vacuum cleaner performance.


Watts are a measure of the flow of electrical current and, like the term "amps", are often used to indicate the power of a vacuum cleaner motor. Watts are related to amps in that watts/volts = amps. So a motor rated at 1200 watts used at the fixed U.S. household rating of 120 volts would be equivalent to a 10.0 amp motor. While the more watts a motor is rated at the more electricity it consumes, wattage (or amps, for that matter) is not the important rating when choosing a vacuum cleaner. The all-important measurement is airflow, which is a result of the design of the entire vacuum cleaner system and not just the electricity consumption of the motor. (See "Airflow")

White Noise

White noise is created by combining sounds of all different frequencies together and is used to mask other noises.

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