Laurastar Premium S3 Steam Iron System

Laurastar Premium S3 Steam Iron System

Laurastar Magic IS6 Steam Iron System

Lightweight professional steam iron system with on-iron fan reverse button and intelligent automatic steam for fast, effortless ironing.
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  • Reverse button on the iron lets you easily change the direction of the fan.

  • Intelligent intuitive automatic steam function makes ironing twice as fast.

  • Two-speed silent blower and vacuum for cold, crease-free ironing.

  • Scale filter lets you use ordinary water and extend the iron's service life.

  • Double volume of extra fine steam, for a lasting result with no damp traces.

  • Iron safety storage box, to protect the warm iron.

  • A constant pressure of 3.5 bars produces 200 liters of steam volume per minute for professional results.

  • Foldable board with six height-adjustment settings, for all ironing requirements.

  • Super fast three-minute heating time.

  • Removable 1.2-liter reservoir for uninterrupted ironing.

  • Easy-to-move system with two pairs of integrated wheels.

  • Folds to less than eight inches deep for easy storage.

  • Included accessories:

    • MyCover ironing board uses specially designed materials to allow just the right amount of steam through. Machine washable at warm setting (86°F) without the spin cycle.

    • Aqua S-Line filter fits directly onto the water tank, so the iron can be filled straight from the tap.

    • One Aqua refill.

    • SoftPressing Soleplate reduces the iron surface temperature, so that it doesn't stick to your clothes and garments never become shiny.

    • Rins-Me drain tray collects unwanted debris for easy cleanup.

    • S-Line holder keeps the steam tube out of your way.

Laurastar Magic i-S6 Professional Steam Iron System
Steam pressure 3.5 bars (double volume)
Steam droplets extra fine
Blower/vacuum silent
Power, fan 16 VA, 2 speeds
Ironing time unlimited
Heating time approx. 3 minutes
Water tank capacity removable, 1.2 l
Electric cable approx. 9.8 ft.
Mobility 2 pairs of integrated wheels
Ironing board height 6 positions, 32.2- 40.15 in.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 54 x 16.5 x 7.9 in.
Power, appliance 2200 W
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