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Miele Flexi Crevice Nozzel (XXL)


20-inch flat flexible tube. Recommended for hard to reach areas like behind the refrigerator, in the dryer vent, etc. Fits all Miele vacuums.


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Product Description

The Miele Flexi Crevice Nozzle will get to all the hard to reach corners of your home.  The 20" nozzle friction fits to any Miele vacuum.  The 35mm fit lets you put the nozzle at the end of the wand or at the end of the hose handle.  The Flexi Crevice is ideal for getting behind large pieces of furniture, appliances or cleaning cobwebs from corners of the ceiling.  The slender .5" opening at the intake can get into dryer vents and other duct work.  The Flexi Crevice will bend to what ever angle you need it to and straighten out once pressure is off.

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