Miele Capri C1 Classic

Miele Capri C1 Classic

Miele Scout RX1 Robotic Vacuum

The first robot vacuum cleaner that can be called “Miele”. 

Combining German design enhancements with solidly built components and easy to use features, the RX1 is the first robot vacuum that can truly be called a Miele.

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Miele Scout RX1

The first robot vacuum cleaner that can be called “Miele”. Combining German design enhancements with solidly built components and easy to use features, the Miele Scout offers a new level of performance for robot vacs.  


The bottom of the Miele Scout RX1 features triple clean technology for maximum performance.  Two forward positioned rotating brushes help get into corners and funnel debris towards the intake. 

A motorized roller brush sits towards the back of the Miele RX1 and picks up stubborn dirt from smooth floors and carpeting. 

Finally, a rubber suction seal sweeps left behind debris into the collection intake.  A rechargeable lithium ion battery provides up to two hours of constant cleaning time.  The Scout RX1 Miele robotic vacuum can cover up to 1,600 sq. ft. in a single session.

Collection + Filtration

The Miele Scout RX1 is a bagless vacuum cleaner. A 2.4 cup collection bin is removable from the back of the machine.  Just open up the top of the bin and empty straight into your trash.  Air is filtered before being exhausted back into your home by the AirClean filter that will last up to three months.  


Unlike other robotic vacuums that depend on just impact, infrared sensors or gyro sensors, the Miele RX1 combines all three plus an industry-first indoor positioning camera. 

The top facing indoor positioning camera maps the ceiling for efficient and smart navigation. Seven forward facing infrared sensors help stop the Miele RX1 short of any potential collision with walls or furniture. And, just in case, a non-marring bumper will protect from scuffs and dings. 

The bottom of the machine has two large, height adjustable wheels that will help propel the Miele RX1 on smooth floors, over thresholds and onto most carpeted areas.

Do you have stairs?  Don’t worry! The Miele RX1 won’t take a tumble because a special stair sensor will stop the Miele Scout before it can take a plunge. 

Cleaning Modes

The Miele RX1 Scout features four distinct cleaning modes to suit your needs:  

  • Automatic Mode will cover up to 1,600 ft. for two hours before returning to the recharge station.
  • Corner Mode will run an entire Automatic Mode cycle, then clean the corners of the area before returning to the recharge station.
  • Spot Mode will clean a 6 sq. ft. area.  Perfect for quick pickups of small messes
  • Turbo Mode will clean on Automatic Mode 50% faster then return to the recharge station.

Remote Control

Complete control of your Miele Scout RX1 is at your fingertips with the Miele remote control.  The remote allows you to set the cleaning mode, program a timer, pause or power down the machine, send the Miele Scout back to the recharging station or even move and control the RX1 manually.

Recharge Station

The Miele Scout RX1 comes with an easy to set up recharging base station.  Set up the base station in the corner of your room and the Miele RX1 will find its way home for rest and recharging.  The lithium ion battery will provide up to two hours of cleaning time and will need approximately two hours of charge time.

What’s In the Box

  • Miele Scout RX1 Robotic Vacuum
  • Left and Right side brushes
  • Two replacement AirClean Filters
  • Recharge Base Station
  • Dust bin cleaning brush
  • Power supply and cord
  • Remote control (batteries included)
  • Magnetic Strips (block the Scout from accessing certain areas)
  • 2 years parts & labor
  • 1 year battery warranty
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