Miele Vacuum
Buying Guide

Choosing between an Upright or Canister

Both Miele Uprights and Canisters have the same great suction and filtration. 

When you decide to buy vacuums online, if you have a preference you should stick with the style of vacuum that you are comfortable using. If you have some flexibility in your preference, follow this general rule of thumb: 

Buy a canister if you have high-end carpet or mostly bare floors and area rugs.

Buy an upright if you have mostly wall-to-wall cut-pile carpet. 

Buying a Miele Upright

There are two styles of Miele Uprights. The Swing H1 and the full sized Dynamic U1 Upright

The Swing H1 is a small broom model with a powerful motor and simple rug and floor brush.  It only comes in one model (H1), but optional carpet and accessory tools are available. The Quickstep is not intended to do the job of a full-size vacuum, but is perfect for bare floors and area rugs in smaller homes or to be used as a second vacuum in a larger home. 

Full sized uprights are best for most types of carpet and flooring, but not recommended for delicate carpet, long carpet (shag) or rough stone and tile.

Miele Dynamic U1 Uprights

There are three model variations of the Dynamic U1.  All are the same basic vacuum paired with different tools or filters. Just choose the one that has the features and tools that best fit your household.

Maverick - Basic model with AirClean filtration

Jazz - Same as Mavrick plus LED headlight and HEPA filtration

Cat & Dog - Same as Jazz w/ odor absorbing filter plus mini turbobrush

Buying a Miele Canister

Miele canisters are a bit more complicated than uprights. Miele now offers the new Blizzard CX1 Bagless Cansiters along with their 3 series (C1, C2, C3)  of bagged canisters.

Though there are important differences between bagged and bagless as well as each series, these feature options are not nearly as important as choosing the right floor tool.

Picking a Carpet Tool

All Miele vacuums work beautifully on wood floors and tile. For carpet there are four different tools designed to let you tailor the vacuum exactly to your needs.

Combination Rug and Floor (SBD 285-3, SBD 630-3) - Wool, High-Quality Area Rugs and Bare Floors

Turbo Brush (STB 205-3) - Area Rugs, Looped or Short Pile Carpet

Power Brush (SEB 228) - Medium to High Pile Carpet, Thick or Plush Carpet, Pet Hair

Power Brush (SEB 236) - Same as SEB 228 w/ LED Headlight, Bumper and Auto Clog Shut Off

SEB 236 Power Brush

SEB 228 Power Brush

STB 205-3 Turbo Brush

Bagged vs Bagless Canister

Bagless vacuums have very low operating cost, because you don’t have to buy bags.

They require more maintenance; bins must be emptied, interior parts wiped down and filters washed and dried.  All this is well worth it to some people, while others prefer the ease of just dropping a bag into the garbage bin.  

If there are people in your home who have serious allergies or asthma, we recommend getting a sealed HEPA vacuum with a bag.  A fully sealed bagged vacuum is much more hygienic and exposes the user to significantly less dust during maintenance.

Pick a Canister Series

Each time you move up in the canister series (and in price) you get more features and higher quality fit and finish. Starting with the entry level Classic C1 series and ending with the Complete C3 series, all the vacuums have the same great suction and warranty.

C1 Classic / Compact

Basic vacuum body with radial dial suction control and semi-sealed filtration system

- 1200W Vortex Motor
- Soft Rubber 360° castor wheels 
- Stainless steel telescopic wand
- 1 Year Warranty on non-wearing parts
- 7 Year Warranty on the motor
- 7 Year Warranty on the casing

C2 Compact / Complete

Adds the following upgrades not on the C1 Series

- Thicker plastics
- Better fit and finish
- Longer cord (three feet longer)
- Upgraded floor brush (natural bristle)
- Upgraded dusting brush (natural bristle)
- Longer wand
- Quieter motor
- Crush-proof hose
- Fully sealed filtration

C3 Complete

Adds the following upgrades not on the C2 Series

- Rubber 3-D bumper surround
- Toe tap suction adjustment
- Built in accessory storage compartment
- Fully sealed HEPA filtration standard
- Available automatic suction control (Alize, Marin, Brilliant)
- Available finger-tip suction control (Brilliant)
- Available HEPA filter usage timer (Marin, Brilliant)
- Available Auto-stop tool rest (Marin, Brilliant)

Blizzard CX1

- Bagless
- Radial dial suction controls
- Onboard tool storage
- Seperate compartments for coarse and fine dust
- Quick release debris disposal
- Comfort Clean self cleaning Gore® CleanStream® filter
- Lifetime HEPA exhaust filter

Pick a Model

Here is a quick breakdown of our most popular models

Rug & Floor Tool Models




Turbo Brush Models




Power Brush Models





Whichever Miele model you choose, all come with a full attachment set (dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery tool) so you’ll have all the tools you need for regular cleaning. For special jobs, there are special tools; radiator brushes, bendable crevice tools, auto detailing kits, window blind brushes- and the list goes on. There’s a specialty attachment for just about any cleaning job you can think of.


Miele AirClean filtration is a basic, low-cost filter that cleans the vacuum exhaust air before it leaves the vacuum. The Active Air Carbon option filter adds a thick layer of odor absorbing carbon for those of us with pet odor issues. These filters are fine for most people, but if you have serious allergies or asthma, we recommend opting for Miele’s S-Class HEPA filter for absolute protection against allergy and asthma causing particles. 

Questions? Call us.

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