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Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

When choosing a suitable vacuum, there are many things to consider, with one of the biggest questions being, “How will this treat my floor?” If you have hardwood, you probably put it in because it looks nice and is easy to keep clean. Just spray it down with some cleaner every now and then, maybe run the vacuum over it and the area rug. Perhaps you’re in the market for a vacuum that can be used for a quick clean on the hardwood because the one you have just doesn’t work, or the suction is too strong and it just eats the rug. That’s where Best Vacuum can help. We offer a wide selection of Miele and SEBO vacuums and guides to help you choose the best vacuums for your hardwood floors. These models also make great area rug vacuum cleaners! 

When looking at the SEBO K2, the NaceCare Henry, or Miele Olympus, Quartz, and Alize, they might not seem like much: a single floor tool and a clean, simple canister. You might ask yourself why these would be good vacuums for you to consider. We have the answer.

SEBO prices their machines to be affordable, and the SEBO K2 with Kombi Tool is no exception. At $399, you’re getting power and durability in a small, light-weight body. As the name of the machine indicates, it comes equipped with a combination tool to easily go from vacuuming low-pile area rugs and carpets to gliding along the smooth flooring. Just slide the toggle switch to raise and lower the bristles!

NaceCare’s Henry might seem kind of silly, and you may feel kind of silly dragging a machine with a smiling face on it around behind you. But you won’t feel silly when you experience the kind of clean Henry can deliver. Henry likes clean floors just as much as you do, and when he spots dirt, he must have it gone. Featuring a combination floor tool and a price of just $389, Henry will provide power and functionality in both the home and the workplace. Don’t let the cheery color fool you – this vacuum is a beast on low-pile carpets and smooth floors! With a 10-year warranty in place if you hire Henry to clean your home, you know you’re guaranteed a good machine for a long time. 

With a price of only $329, the Miele Olympus C1 Classic is affordable, and offers a fantastic clean with a versatile tool. The Combination Rug and Floor tool is the perfect attachment for homes with area rugs and hardwood floors. The foot switch on the top of the tool toggles durable bristles that are stored around the front edge, allowing you to flow seamlessly between the rug and hardwood. A rubber flap on the bottom will create a seal on the hardwood, allowing you the best suction possible. An airflow channel built into the plastics will allow ease of movement and ensure that the suction won’t eat the rugs.

In their C2 line, Miele offers a vacuum similar to the Olympus. The Quartz C2 Compact, priced only slightly higher at $429, will offer the same versatility at the Olympus with a few added features. The slightly upgraded Combination Rug and Floor tool will now feature the durable synthetic bristles all around the perimeter of the tool, as well as a metal plate on the bottom with airflow channels to make vacuuming your rugs a little smoother. A wider rubber wheel on the back will grip your rugs and hardwood, giving you more control over where you vacuum.

At the top, Best Vacuum offers Miele’s Alize C3 Complete. Priced at $649, and also featuring the sealed filtration system that the Miele C2 line boasts, the Alize will come with a handy spotlight on the handle to light your hardwood. The floor tool that comes with it will be a slight variance on the Combination tool that comes with the Quartz. Switches on either side will allow you to use either foot in the most comfortable way to raise and lower the bristles. Large rubber wheels on the back and a large airflow channel spanning the tool will give you ease of motion on wood and rugs. Durable synthetic bristles will also line the perimeter of this tool for glide on the floors, while the velveteen lifters will grip the carpets. 

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SEBO K-2 (Dk Blue W/ Combo Tool) Full

SEBO K2 With Kombi Tool

The quality and durability of the C series in a compact, lightweight machine.

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Miele Classic C1 Olympus

Miele Olympus C1 Classic

Miele quality and durability at a value price. Recommended for area rugs and hard floor surfaces.

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Miele Compact C2 Quartz

Miele Quartz C2 Compact

The basic Compact C2 Canister with combination rug and floor tool. Recommended for area rugs and wood floors.

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Miele Complete C3 Alize

Miele Alize C3 Complete

Premium HEPA canister with automatic suction control and LED spotlight handle. Recommended for bare floors and area rugs.

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NaceCare Henry HVR 200A

NaceCare Henry HVR 200A

Durable canister vacuum for in home or the office.

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