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Best Vacuums For Pet Hair

“What is the best vacuum for pet hair?” is a questions we get on a pretty consistent basis. Pet owners are always fighting a battle to keep their homes clean from fur, dirt, liter and other debris our four legged friends bring in. We have a full line up of vacuums that will free your home of animal hair and help you spend more time petting your animal than cleaning up after them.

The most important thing to have on an animal hair vacuum cleaner is a motorized brushroll. Motorized brushrolls will be aggressive on animal hair and give you the longevity needed to clean for years to come. Stiff bristles on the brush roll work their way through carpet or rug fibers picking up loose hairs and bringing them towards the intake of the vacuum ensure a deep and extensive clean.

Bag or dust cup capacity is the second most important factor to consider when selecting a vacuum. Animal hair crosses and has a tendency to take up a lot of space in collection areas. High capacity bags or dust cups allows for more cleaning and less replacement costs.

Hand tools can become your best friend when you’re trying to cleaning other surfaces. Spinning handheld turbo brushes can collect hair off of carpeted steps, upholstery or even in your car. Other tool extensions can help grab that hair that collects into tough to reach places.

Lastly strong suction will help pull loose hair and debris from all surfaces. All of our animal hair vacuum cleaners have impressive suction ratings and quality components to last a long time.

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Miele Classic C1 Titan

Miele Titan C1 Classic

All the value and performance of the C1 Olympus, with HEPA filtration, electric powerbrush, parquet floor brush and deluxe ergonomic handle. Recommended medium pile carpeting and hard floor surfaces.

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Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog

Miele Cat & Dog C3 Complete

Power to eliminate all types of cat and dog hair with active carbon odor control and turbo pet brush for upholstery.

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Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog

Miele Cat & Dog U1 Dynamic

Special pet edition with Active Air odor control and handheld turbobrush tool for pet hair.

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Sebo D4 Premium with ET1 Powerbrush

SEBO D4 Premium with ET1 Powerbrush

Ultra-quiet operation and amazing suction power with 320-degree hose rotation provide unmatched comfort and maneuverability.

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SEBO Automatic X4 Pet Edition Upright

SEBO Automatic X4 Pet Edition Upright

German designed upright with automatic controls and features for pet owners.

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