NaceCare Harry Soft Clean HHR 200A

NaceCare Harry Soft Clean HHR 200A

NaceCare PPR 370 Commercial Canister Vacuum

NaceCare PPR 370 Commercial Canister Vacuum

NaceCare Charles Wet Dry Vacuum CVC 370

The NaceCare Numatic Charles is a versatile wet/dry canister vacuum cleaner. Recommended for dry vacuuming on smooth floors and area rugs. Easily convertible to wet pick up.
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Name: Charles
Occupation: Wet & Dry Vacuum Powerhouse
Likes: Pulling double duty, the lake, versatility
Dislikes: Wet basements, dirty air, moldy smells

I’m Charles and I’m special. What makes me so unique you might ask? I can be used both as a regular vacuum for dirt and debris AND I also pick up spills and other liquids. I work hard to be able to clean up even the dirtiest jobs with strong suction and the right tools.

I do my best work on smooth floors and low pile carpeting when dry vacuuming. For wet pick up I’m ideal for small pickups like pet accidents all the way to large jobs like water in the basement.

I have a strong 1200w motor that provides up to 95 cubic feet of airflow a minute of suction (110” of water lift). I’m quiet as a church mouse at 61 decimals so while I’m working hard no one else will be bothered.

For dry pick up I use a thick 2.5 gallon capacity bag to collect dirt and debris. A Tirtex filter cleans the air at a 98.6% efficiency for small particles at .5 microns. I come with a versatile combination rug & floor. For smooth floors I have stiff synthetic bristles that help protect your flooring and channel debris into the intake. Those bristle retract for cleaning on low pile area rugs and carpeting.

For wet pick up simply remove my bag and filter and install my float protection system. This protection system filters out large pieces of debris from getting into my motor and also ensures moisture never reaches any of my valuable parts. My capacity for wet pick up is 4 gallons so I can tackle even the big jobs. When I’m finished working for you, just detach my head and dump out the water. To make sure I stay nice and clean it is suggested you dry me out with some paper towel before storing

My wet pick up tool comes with a front squeegee that will help push water in towards my strong intake. This all plastic tool is very easy to clean when you want to show me some TLC.

For detail cleaning I come with three accessory tools. A dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool fit on the end of my wand or directly to the hose.

While I am a heavy-duty wet/dry canister vacuum cleaner, I’m fairly lightweight. My three-piece wand set and flexible hose makes it easy to clean anywhere. A front castor set maneuvers me around the floor with ease. I clean a large area with my thick insulated 33 foot powercord.

NaceCare believes I’m special too. They are covering me with a completely two year warranty (labor, motor, non-wear parts).

What's In The Box

  • NaceCare Numatic Charles (CVC370)
  • HEPAFlo Bag
  • Tritex Filter
  • Float Shut Off
  • Combination Rug & Floor Tool 
  • Commercial Grade Wet Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Crevice Nozzle
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Hose
  • Three-piece Wand
Model CVC 370 (Charles)
Motor 1200 W
Water Lift 110"
Airflow 95 CFM
Capacity 4 gal.
Standard Filtration 0.3 micron @ 96%
Power Cord 33'
Noise Level 61 dB(A)
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