NaceCare James PSP 180

NaceCare James PSP 180

NaceCare Hetty HET 200A

NaceCare Hetty HET 200A

NaceCare Henry HVR 200A

Numatic Henry HVR200A is NaceCare's flagship commercial canister vacuum. Don't let his cute looks fool you, he is an aggressive cleaning machine. Best for smooth floors and low pile carpeting.
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Name: Henry
Occupation: Your Friendly Vacuum Cleaner
Likes: Spotless floors, vacationing, clean furniture, fresh smelling air
Dislikes: Dirt, loafing around, seagulls (don’t ask)

I’m Henry, you may have seen me strolling around on your last cruise ship but don’t be fooled, I’m a hard working clean freak. I do my best work on smooth floors and low pile area rugs. If you need me to clean tight spaces or furniture I can do that too, I come with a full tool set so any job will be a job well done. Sometimes keeping things internalized is a good thing, my HEPA-Flo bag and Tritex filter ensures what I pick up isn’t released back out into the air.

NaceCare has improved my motor. At 680 watts I can now suck up to 120 cubic feet of airflow a minute at a super low 47 decimals, the average human talks louder than that! With this new motor I’m going to be around much longer and work more efficiently. NaceCare says I will have 2000 hours more lifespan, recover 20% more soil and also use 40% less energy. I’m not a big numbers guy, let’s just say I work super hard.

I like gadgets just as much as anyone else. My improved combination rug and floor tool works great on any smooth floor and easily cleans low pile area rugs and commercial carpeting. My long 3-piece wand and tapered hose allows me to get to any mess I need to clean. I also have a 3-piece accessory kit with a dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery brush.

Okay, I may be a little narcissistic but I love admiring how fit I am to clean. At 17 pounds I’m slim and light on my feet. I have a long 33 foot power cord that will nicely rewind into the top of my head. I have two 360° casters in front that lets me gently roll across the floors. I have a big belly for dirt, my 2.5 gallon dust bag keeps me gobbling dirt and debris. After working a long day I may need a little help, you can carry me around with the handle attached to my head, I won’t complain.

So, what do you say? I’d be great both in your home or place of work. I love to clean, I will be a long lasting friend and I require very little attention. NaceCare believes in me so much I have a 10 year parts and labor warranty if you use me in your home (If I’m used as a commercial canister vacuum, they’ll cover my parts for two years and my motor for five)

What's In The Box

  • Numatic Henry (HVR200A)
  • Bag (Installed)
  • Microtex Filter (Installed)
  • Combination Rug & Floor Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Three-Piece Wand
  • Hose
  • Instruction Manual 
Model HVR 200 (Henry)
Watts 680 Watts
Motor Life 2,000+ hours
Water Lift 100"
Airflow 120 CFM
Capacity 2,5 gal.
Standard Filtration 0.3 micron @ 99.97%
Power Cord 33'
Noise Level  45/47 dB(A)
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