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NaceCare PPR 370 Commercial Canister Vacuum


The Numatic PPR 370 features a rugged design and large capacity, making it a perfect commercial canister vacuum cleaner for warehouses, workshops or large-scale offices. High level filtration will ensure good air quality during and after cleaning.

Product Details
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Product Description

The NaceCare Numatic PPR 370 is a large-capacity commercial canister vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is ideal for large warehouses, office spaces and even work shops. Strong suction, durable build with high level filtration will ensure the best clean. 

The NaceCare PPR features a new 680 watt motor that provides 120 CFM of suction. The new motor has a life span of 2,000+ hours of vacuuming while recovering soil more efficiently than previous models. The machine runs at a quiet 47 decimals, a normal conversation is louder. The motor has two speed settings that can be toggled between using a switch on the top of the vacuum.

An all-in-on combination rug and floor tool picks up debris on smooth floors and low pile or commercial grade carpeting. Stiff synthetic bristles help guide dirt into the intake while on smooth surfaces. Those bristles can retract for cleaning area rugs and carpets. A 8.5 foot hose coupled with a three stage stainless steel wand will give you plenty of cleaning radius. A thick gauged 33 foot power cord can be wound and unwound with a hand crank rewind system on top of the NaceCare PPR 380. The body of the vacuum is made up of super durable structural foam and can stand up to severe punishment. The NaceCare PPR 380 sits atop 360º castors that will allow for a smooth roll on any surface.

A large HEPA flo collection bag traps large pieces of debris while filter the air that passes through it. As air travels out the machine a TriTex filter will trap particles at .3 microns 99.97% of the time. This high level filtration system will ensure what you're picking up isn't exhausted out into the air.

The PPR 370 when used residentially is covered under a 10-year parts & labor warranty. When used commercially or in a commercial space, the PPR370 will be covered under a two year parts & labor warranty while the suction motor will be covered under warranty for five years.

What's in the Box

  • NaceCare Numatic PPR 370 Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • HEPA Flo Bag (Installed)
  • TriTex Filter (Installed)
  • Three-Part Stainless Steel Wand
  • Hose
  • Combination Rug and Floor Tool
  • Instruction Manual 

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Product Specification

Model PPR 370
Watts 680W
Water Lift 100"
Airflow 120 CFM
Capacity 4 gal.
Filtration 0.3 micron @ 99.97%
Weight 14 lbs.
Power Cord 33'
Noise 45/47 db(A)
Tank Construction Poly / Structual Foam