How To Choose The Right Dyson Vacuum

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If you're looking for a high-quality bagless vacuum cleaner, the only name that really matters is Dyson. Dyson’s industry leading technology, relentless quest for better design and longevity makes it the best choice for a bagless vacuum cleaner.

Why Bagless Vacuum Cleaners?

Bagless vacuums have become very popular in the last few years. They work just a like traditional vacuum, however instead of debris being collected into a disposable cloth or paper bag, it is collected in a dust cup.

Convenience has really driven consumers to bagless vacuums. As there is no need to keep up with restocking your supply of bags, consumable costs are much lower. The bagless vacuum is almost always a great option for pet owners. Dogs and cats that shed will constantly fill up bags quickly, but with the dust cup, you simple put that hair in the trash and keep on cleaning. It truly is the most cost effective way to vacuum your home.

Bagless Vacuum Maintenance

If you’ve chosen to go the bagless route, be aware that all bagless vacuums, including Dyson vacuums, require regular maintenance to keep them running properly. It’s pretty simple stuff, but you will be exposed to dirt and dust so be sure to wear a mask if you are allergic or have other respiratory issues.

Here’s a short list of the basic maintenance on any Dyson vacuum cleaner:

  • Empty the bin before it reaches the suggested capacity line.
  • Clear away any accumulated debris blocking the intake screen.
  • Wash filters every 60 days (be sure to dry completely!)

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