Venta LW15 Humidifier (White)

Venta LW15 Humidifier (White)

Venta LW25 Humidifier (White)

Venta LW25 Humidifier (White)

Venta LW15 Humidifier (Gray)

A Compact humidifier that provides safe, clean and perfectly humidified air.

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The redesigned Venta LW15 grey humidifier airwasher gives you quality cold air humidification while helping to keep the air in your room clean. The Venta LW15 can humidify rooms up to 200 sq ft. The compact design makes it the perfect single room humidifier for your bedroom or small office.

How It Works

The Venta LW15 grey humidifier airwasher draws dry air into rotating disc inside the machine. Water is brought up to the air through the rotating discs and humidifies the dry air on contact. Humidified air comes out the sides of the Venta at an automatically set 45%-55% humidity. Dust and other particles drawn in with the dry air become too heavy and drop to the bottom of the water tank. This process gives you a consistent and safe level of humidification.


Ventas do not require the changing of any pads, filters, mineral cartridges or wicks. Simply treat the machine every 10-14 days with the Venta Water Additive and run the machine with the Venta Cleaner every 3 months. The particles that are trapped by the machine that are left over after the cleaning should easily wipe away. Since dust and other particles are trapped at the bottom of the tank the Venta LW15 does not release any white dust keeping your room nice and clean.

New Features For the LW15

- The new Venta LW15 single room humidifier features a newly designed water tank that helps funnel the sedative and particles towards the bottom of the water tank, making the machine easier to clean.

- Larger tank capacity. The Venta LW15 now holds up to 1.4 gallons of water.

- Additional coverage. The VentaLW15 can humidify up to 200 sq ft. That is an additional 20 sq ft. over the older LW14.

- Automatic shut off. The VentaLW15 will now automatically shut off when the machine is out of water. This saves wear on componentsand energy consumption.


New 10 year warranty backed by Venta

For rooms up to* 200 sq. ft.
Mains voltage 100–240 V/50–60 Hz
Disk surface 15.3 sq. ft.
Air throughput 70.6 cfm
Speeds 2
Sound levels 22–32 dBA
Dimensions 10.2x11x12.2 in.
Weight (empty) approx. 7 lb.
Energy consumption (speed 1–2) approx. 3-4 watts
Water reservoir 1.4 gallons
Warranty 10 years

Extremely low power consumption
*Square feet is based on eight foot ceilings.

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