NaceCare NVM1AH Vacuum Bag 10 pack



Transform your cleaning routine with these vacuum bags that offer the perfect fit, high capacity, efficient filtration, improved airflow, and easy, clean emptying. Upgrade to NaceCare NVM1AH Vacuum Bags for a top-notch cleaning experience with a dust-free and mess-free cleaning designed to fit the NaceCare RSV130 backpack vacuum cleaner. 

Product Features:

  • HEPA-FLO Filter Bag: Ensures superior filtration for a cleaner environment.

  • Self-Seal Tab: Innovative design for hassle-free sealing after use.

  • Triple-Layer Filtration: Enhances filtration efficiency for optimal performance.

  • Performance-Maximizing Design: Engineered to improve airflow and capacity.

  • Extended Machine Life: Helps in maintaining and prolonging the life of your vacuum cleaner.


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