Miele SHB 30 Radiator Brush

By Miele


Introducing the versatile Miele Radiator Tool, designed to tackle tight spots and tricky corners with ease. Its compact size and flexible synthetic bristles make it ideal for cleaning between radiator pipes and in various nooks and crannies around your home. Whether it's dust buildup on HVAC vents or crumbs between couch cushions, this tool effectively lifts debris towards the intake for thorough cleaning. The package includes a small flat cleaning head and a crevice extension, ensuring you have all you need for precise cleaning tasks. Compatible with any Miele wand or hose handle, the Miele Radiator Tool is a convenient addition to your cleaning arsenal.

Practical Problem Solvers
Miele offers suitable special accessories for your vacuum cleaner for almost every special cleaning requirement. Whether for cleaning hard-to-reach areas or sensitive surfaces. You can put together your own range of accessories or select one of the practical sets.

Product Specifications

• For convenient cleaning in nooks and crannies
• Quick dust removal from crevices thanks to its flat shape
• Very easy to use in combination with all Miele crevice nozzles
• Radiator brush is practical for cleaning radiators and air vents
• With sturdy bristles made of robust synthetic fibers
• Compatible with all Miele vacuum cleaners


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