Miele FJM AirClean Bags Case Lot (4 Boxes)

By Miele


Introducing the Miele AirClean Filter Bags Type F/J/M, the ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in your home. Designed with genuine Miele quality, these filter bags offer advanced features to ensure dust-free replacement and optimal dust containment.

Advanced Filtration:
Experience superior filtration with 9 stages of filtration, making these filter bags perfect for allergy sufferers. Each bag offers a self-closing dustbag with a hygienic seal, preventing dust from escaping into the air during bag changes.

Complete Set:
This convenient 4-pack of bags comes with 2 filters, providing you with everything you need for hassle-free replacement. With the Miele AirClean Filter Bags Type F/J/M, maintaining a clean and healthy home environment has never been easier.

Hygienic Bag Changes:
Say goodbye to dust spills and mess with the Miele AirClean Filter Bags. The self-closing dustbag ensures that dust is securely contained, preventing it from escaping into your home when the appliance is opened.

Perfect Dust Pick-Up:
With the perfect key-lock principle, these filter bags ensure a snug fit, preventing dust from bypassing the filtration system. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that dust remains securely locked in, providing you with a cleaner and healthier living space.

Fits Canisters: 
200/300/500/4000/6000/C2 Compact

What's In The Box

- 4 boxes of Miele Type FJM Dustbags
- Total of 16 bags included
- Each box contains 4 pre-filters
- Each box also includes 4 post-filters


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