Miele U AirClean Bags Case Lot (4 Boxes)

By Miele


Make your vacuuming routine efficient and hassle-free with the Miele U AirClean Bags Case Lot, designed to meet the needs of U1 Dynamic Upright and S7000 models. Suitable for various models including AutoEco, Cat & Dog, Jazz, HomeCare, Salsa, Twist, Tango, Maverick, Bolero, FreshAir, Swing, and Powerline. This case includes a total of 16 bags, 4 pre-filters, and 4 post-filters, ensuring a thorough and powerful cleaning performance.

Experience superior air filtration and dust retention with the Miele U AirClean Bags Case Lot, providing you with a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. Say farewell to dust and allergens, and welcome a fresh, clean home with Miele.

What's In The Box

- 16 Bags
- 4 Pre-Filters
- 4 Post-Filters


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