NSS M1 Pig Basic Carpet Kit



Take your cleaning routine to the next level with the NSS M1 Pig Basic Carpet Kit. This kit is perfect for both residential and commercial use, offering top-notch performance and durability. The aluminum wand and super flex hose ensure easy maneuverability, while the specially designed carpet tool guarantees a thorough clean every time. Say goodbye to subpar cleaning results and choose the NSS M1 Pig Basic Carpet Kit for a truly exceptional cleaning experience.

Product Features: 

  • Includes an aluminum wand, super flex hose, and carpet tool

  • Designed to tackle any job with precision and efficiency

  • Provides a superior clean compared to traditional vacuum tools


Due to high demand, shipping times may experience a slight delay of approximately 2-5 business days. Rest assured, we are committed to processing your order as swiftly as possible.